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2014 In Words

Wednesday, 31 December 2014
I'm trying to make this end of the year review in both "style and words" a blog tradition.
So here goes,

Its 12:39am and I'm here trying to put pen to paper. If I tell you I've been more than a little bit stuck, would you believe me? But Yes I have and I'm not sure why I keep starting this post over and over but nothing substantial seems to be coming forth. I refuse to believe this is probably because this year found me more stable than years past because 2014, although not as insightful as 2013 came with its own moments and lessons.
So that's what I'll be doing in this post.
Sharing some of the moments and lessons of 2014

  • Turning21 - Nothing fun about getting older I tell you but I'm just extremely thankful for life. I made a list of 21 things to do before 21 and didn't do a single thing on it. Epic fail or what?
  • Passing my OnG end of posting exam - Because this was the worst exam I've written in all my years in med school. Not because it was hard or I didn't study or anything but because my tear glands decided to ridicule me during the oral exam and I actually cried while being examined. Another epic fail (2014, the year of epic fails or nah?)
  • Becoming a woodin style ambassador/ Blog Collaboration for Mr Price : It just really feels great to know that all the time I'm putting into this blog is going somewhere really
  • Nigerian Fashion Bloggers Yard Sale : Even though I wasn't allowed to relish the aftermath emotions of finally seeing something you were a part of come to life, i put in some work and I'm extremely proud of myself for that.
  • Doubling Last years page views - This one was all you guys, so thank you!!!!
  • Waking up to awesome blog features - Thank you Ibukun, Ice Law, Aby, Sarah for thinking my blog worthy of your love.
I shared some lessons I learnt this year in this post but here are a few others

On Blogging -
  • Consistency is everything - As wana wana said "Stay consistent, the pendulum will eventually swing your way.
  • Comparision really is the thief of joy - Lets be honest, sometimes you go through some blogs and feel a pang of jealousy right? This taught me firstly that it is okay to accept that sometimes you might have toxic thoughts, you're only human afterall but dwelling on it is where it becomes a problem

On Love -
  • Sometimes the love we think we need isn't what's best for us.
  • Some people will love you just for being you, with everything you're not and everything you are and that's just where it ends. As simple as that and Its okay to to stop expecting the worse at every turn of the journey and simply enjoy the ride.

On Friendship :
  • Overthinking things and jumping to conclusions is the first step to ruining a friendship , just asking will save a lot of stress and heart ache
  • At some point, you might have to let go and move on. Stop beating yourself over that. You are good enough.
On Life
  • People will always come at you with their own opinions of who they think you should be but when you learn "self acceptance and confidence", staying true to yourself will be easy
  • Its also okay to have days where you might not be feeling too "self confident". That's okay, again you are only human but staying down too long is where it becomes a problem.
Happy new year in advance guys!
Want to share some defining moments and lessons this year too?
I'll love to read them please!

Cassandra Ikegbune

2014 In Style

Saturday, 27 December 2014
Of course there has to be a final review of my looks of 2014, what did you expect?

This year brought on a wave of uncertainty for me "style-wise".
I felt the most unsure about my style and its evolution this year.
I also felt a bit burnt out, like I was losing my creative bone but with time I learnt that the most effortless looks actually happens when you don't stress so much over it.
I always describe my style as "a fun mix of everything" and I think this year i actually tried to portray that and experiment a bit.
I was just re-reading my 2013 in Style post and I'm happy that the change yet palpable wasn't too drastic.

Because I obviously can't put up all my looks of 2014, I selected a couple of my faves and decided to put them into groups.
Just click on the numbers below the pictures to check out the full post to any look.
Let's dig in.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5
You see what I said about experimenting with different styles?
If you've been following this blog from the get go, you will know that i tend to incline more towards flats, sneakers and comfortable foot wears but i really embraced wearing heels this year and I actually like it! There is this elegance heels adds to an outfit u'no?!
I also tend to more man-repelling looks but look who tried on a dress and more girly fits this time around. I definitely need to stock up on dresses as I absolutely LOVE how they make me look.
so Amen to more heels and semi-classy/Classy looks in 2015!

Like A Boy.
 1. 2. 3. 4. 5
Aha! I'm back in my comfort zone here. Bow ties, Boyfriend jeans, dashikis... Yess!

Pleat skirts are one of my 2014 style faves! Not only does it give off that good good vintage vibes but also since my school demands that we dress in a corporate and reserved manner, they have become one of cheat ways of keeping the rules but still maintaining a bit of my style.

Retro Vibes.
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
I still think the best thing that happened in 2012 is the re-entry of vintage fashion. Colourful prints and interesting patterns are some of the things that make my heart smile.

With A Twist
1. 2. 3. 4.
I'm calling this group "with a twist" because i tried to add a bit of spice in all the looks.
The outfits in this group all gave me that "Look , Mama i made it" feel. haha! That ever happen to you? You do something and just sit back , look at it and feel like wow, is this actually my handwork? Damn girl!
This eze cap is my accessory of 2014 tbh! See how it made those two looks?

Which group and look is your favourite?
Cassandra Ikegbune

The Real MVPs

Thursday, 25 December 2014
Because I can't end this year without giving a proper shout out to the people who have made blogging a lot easier for me this year with their help, kind words, support and time.

I'm writing this now and a million and one names are jumping into my head but unfortunately I can't write out all :(
I appreciate every single one of you regardless.
I'll be starting in no particular order and I'll try to stick to their Instagram names

Photographers : 
- Saga Christos 
- Aham Ibeleme - 
- Chyder5 - He took the pictures in this post
- Biola Giwa & Femi Oluwole - My classmates that will still be willing to help out even after we just finish a very exhausting lecture . 
- Ifeanyi Ochukenyi 
- Dola Posh
- The Lex Ash
- Kachi.E
- TheSeyifunmi - Remember these badass pictures from this post ?
- Emmanuel Oyeleke - He took those amazing pictures in my lastpost that you all loved! :D

Thank you guys for the beautiful pictures and taking time out to help me!

The Retweeters | Blog Love :
- Bella Alubo
- Daltimore
- Dr Erhumu
- Chinwe ( My cousin)
- Miss_Ife

These ones never fail to Retweet and BC my links! Haa! I'm just happy some people don't think I'm spamming their TL's with my blog links (Joke, I actually don't care.) but Thank you so much for all the blog love guys!! I sincerely appreciate it

- Kachi : This nigga right here is the realest. Its really amazing how people you haven't even met in person will be there for you when you need help. (And they say social media is all bad? ). He's the that's responsible for my beautiful business card, header and blog logo's. Thank you!!

- Shaenk - This one is #TeamCassieDaves no matter how much he tries to deny it!
- Le Boo - He just likes famzing me and my blog though. Always talking about how I have an awesome blog to anyone that will listen ( I'm not even sure if to be embarrassed or proud ) and he's always on deck to help out in replying comments!
- Thestyleinfidel - Stylist of life! Even when I'm doubting my abilities, He somehow just believes in me and my creative journey
- Oluwatosinlulu - Not only does she  help make me look presentable when I have events to attend like in this post, she also sends me positive vibes all the time. I mean my blog is the only blog she reads! :D (except she was lying when she said that)
- My sister, dupr33m! : No matter how much she goes on about how she isn't interested in reading blogs bla bla bla and I should stop BC'ing her my blog links or she will delete me off her bbm (Just imagine that) , she still lowkey helps in sharing my link and also helped write the wordings on/ take that picture up there

Fellow Bloggers
- Sogie Snuggle
- Esther Nwaomu
- Aby Purpleheart
- Princess Audu
- IceLaw
Thanks for the features and comments!

- And of course You reading this post right now! Because no matter how much we say 'we blog just because we love it", It wouldn't be the same if you all weren't out there reading , commenting and supporting .
I wish you all a Merry Christma!!
I will most likely be spending mine indoors all day but If you're havin a party, biko feel free to invite me a sister
How are you guys spending today?

Cassandra Ikegbune

Outfit || Twenty-Six'ing

Friday, 19 December 2014

Guys, I'm Twenty - Six'ing again! 
But this time the focus is more on this dress I picked at a ridiculous bargain early this year but which turned out to be too short for me ( Somebody say Tall girl problem?! ) 
I contemplated giving it out but my hoarding game so strong and that tiny voice in my head that kept on saying, 'you'll find use for this soon".  I did!

Discovered I could add length to it when I was randomly trying it out and had on a black skater skirt . 
I was like 'Oh wait! This actually looks nice this way" ( I wonder if this is how Thomas Edison felt when he discovered/Invented the light bulb. Must be something close to that feeling idc idc)

So when I last minute had to pick out an oufit for a friend's dinner and because I'm one of those girl's who don't have proper dresses and fit for different occassions, I decided to try that trick again on this dress and with my Twenty Six Skirt 
Also tried it tucked in and got a bit confused because both ways looked nice but my baddest Stylist friend @thestyleInfidel helped me settle with the tucked out version. 

So here's a TIP : If you like me have to deal with this problem of dress being too short and it's an A-line free falling dress like mine, you can just wear a skater skirt beneath it to complete out the layers and make it a bit longer and wearable

I previously styled this skirt here, Remember it?
Which look is your favourite look?!
Cassandra Ikegbune
Picture Credit : @EmmanuelOyeleke
Face beat into perfection by @Christinecreations

On Getting Your Blogging Mojo Back

Monday, 15 December 2014

This past week has been so busy that I hardly even had time to properly open my blogger and look through my dashboard.
It kind of made me lose touch with my blog and I've been having a hard time getting back into it.
My recovery phase has been so slow and I figured its time to jump start it instead of sitting around waiting for the inspiration to fall from heaven.
A few tips that I'm currently trying out to help with this.

Some might say "Take time out, go on a blog vacation, meditate etc" . Yes that works but so does actually trying to do something about it. I honestly didn't have any idea what I was going to write about when I logged into my dashboard but I was quite determined to churn out something... Never mind what Bukwoski thinks about writers who force the words out of themselves.
Here I am now, actually piecing together something even though I'm eating into my "study time" but its all for the blog and you guys! ( You see how much I love you? Now you know why you just have to love me right back :| ) so Yes, Just do It! Just start.

Reach out to some other bloggers / Photographer/ Creative and plan a shoot, blogger date, anything.
Invite guest posters over, Feature someone. Nothing quite gets the body moving like joint forces.

Read other blogs. Not just blogs in your niche, you'll be surprised the diverse ways inspiration can present itself in. I always carry around a book dedicated to my blog just incase I get a spurt of ideas at any point in time. I should probably also start carrying my camera out more often. Again, you never can tell how/when inspiration will present itself.
Go through your picture gallery/journal, that's what gave me the idea of my oldie but goodie post.

What are some of your tips for getting and staying inspired when it comes to blogging?
Please share and lets connect!

P.S - Shout out to Esther of thewayestherseesit for all the support on the yard sale and the lovely call on Sunday morning. You totally rock!

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Outfit || Wrap It Up

Thursday, 11 December 2014

When i got the invitation to the woodin store launch, I already knew I was going to finally be forced to rock a head wrap again. Mainly because woodin is an african brand and I felt i was going to be expected to rep that a bit and since I don't own ankara outfits ( weird right? ), I decided to dress in my normal way but infuse a bit of "Ankara" in it hence the head wrap.
I was initially confused on what to wear but after scouring through the Instagram page of Paola Mathe ( Head wrap queeennn!! ) , I finally came up with this.
Also learnt to tie the head wrap from her IG page, weird how I've already successfully tied some on my own in the past but totally forgot how to when I needed to do it.
Did it close to ten times before I finally got the hang of it *phew!*

A few other random shots!
Channeling my Inner Model with my friend Tracy!
With Mide, Deemako and Tracy
These past few days have been sooo stressful and busy!
I have like a million and one things to read and other responsibilities i have to see through *sigh*
I'm really just here counting down till Sunday so I can finally stay indoors all day, read and rest.
Meanwhile, hope I'm seeing you all on saturday at the yard sale?

Cassandra Ikegbune

First Two pictures by : Kola Oshalusi
The rest by @Mako_OD

Birthday Bants..

Monday, 8 December 2014
Happy birthday to me!

I really need to adopt this birthday spirit thing.
I look the most scruffy i've looked this month right now and people are finding it so hard to believe its my birthday today. Haha
My fringe is flying, I have no make up on at all and I'm in clothes two times my size ( I heard your birthday is the perfect excuse to put on the most sinful dress you have)
I even tried small this year, I actually planned to  do a  "birthday shoot" for yall. You know the type bloggers do on their birthday in a really fancy dress, with dope makeup and holding number baloons right? but life happened and I couldn't go through with it anymore.
Shout out to Maranatha of for agreeing to help with my makeup!

Last year, I wrote an extensive birthday wishlist but this time around meh (Well, I don't mind if y'all can give my blog a shout out on social media sha. That will be a good birthday gift *wink*)
I also wrote a post on twenty lessons I learnt over the years and I was re-reading that yesterday. I've grown sha :')

Okay time to go and change my bio that still says "twenty year old" :(

Cassandra Ikegbune

Photo by @Mako_od

Woodin Store Launch

Saturday, 6 December 2014
Korede Bello
Sharon Ojong
SisiYemmie and Bobo
You might have already seen this news on my instagram but for my blog fam, I was made a woodin style rep recently . Yaay me! 
I was on my first official "style rep" duty today as they had their new store launch at the ikeja city mall. I went with my friend Tracy and hooked up with fellow bloggers Mide, Kachy and Dee Mako at the event.
There were lots of amazing ankara fabrics to drool over, and although there wasn't any Item 7 (How do you not inlude small chops and refreshments in an event??? Howw?! ) or goodie bag (again, howwwwwww??) , I had an amazing time with my friends and we even did an imitation of Solange's #breakingtheinternet wedding photos. haha! Can't wait to see the pictures!
Oh and I finally met SisiYemmie and her Bobo! ^_^
It was a nice way to spend my Saturday though but I'm going to spend my Sunday indoors all day to try to do a bit of reading!
How's your weekend going guys?

Cassandra Ikegbune

Outfit || Oldies But Goodies.

Thursday, 4 December 2014
I was going through my picture gallery earlier today and realized that I have quite a number of old "OOTD's" that could actually make the cut for "bloggable outfits" (Yes, there is such a thing as that!)
so I decided to pick out a couple of them and share.

This one is quite recent and some of you might have already seen it on my instagram.
I wore this vintage dress i got a long time ago to run errands during the weekend. My parents made a fuss about the dress being "Mary-Amaka" ( A word used in the eastern part of Nigeria to describe clothes for active church workers/goers or something like that in a mockery form ) and I couldn't leave the house wearing that. I couldn't really understand what they were going on about though. I mean, shouldn't you be happy that your daughter prefers churchy dresses?

I was actually styled in this for a shoot I had so i can't take full credit for this look. Although the dungarees are mine and I will totally wear it this way too

Planned this outfit for the blog but I didn't like most of the pictures so I put it aside. This one is a bit old, I wore this for fittings to a fashion show i had and I was really feeling all bad ass with myself that day. lol

You know when your friends invite you out and then make it seem like it isn't anything major and you can just come looking presentable? That's what happened on this day , so I ended up having to ditch my outfits and wear my friend's clothes. 

Re-rocked this dungaree dress to school at the risk of looking like a big baby.

 Yet another school outfit. It was a denim shirt and cropped pants type of day.

I was pushing my luck too far the day I decided to wear red combat pants with a head wrap to school on a clinic day. I got sent out after a thorough tongue lash and my day was basically wasted. I almost got away with it though *sigh*

Which is your favourite look?
Cassandra Ikegbune

Redefining Beauty x Titi Sonuga : Speaking Into The Void

Monday, 1 December 2014

Hey guys!
I know I've been doing a lot of "Life Diary" posts but you guys know that this blog isn't just a fashion blog so yeah. (I wrote an about page for the blog recently, you can check it out incase you're new around here and wondering what gives: here)

I went for the "Redefining beauty" event organized by gloria edozien and wana wana on sunday.
I almost didn't go for it because I didn't want to go alone but sogie gingered me on twitter so I put my clothes on and walked that walk alone.
I do not regret one second of it! At all!
It was such a remarkable event filled with amazing women with beautiful minds adressing "beauty issues" and sharing experiences.
I just kept on nodding and nodding in agreement, most of the issues addressed were recurring themes that I could totally identify with and already blogged about e.g (here and here)
The set up.
Unfortunately, I really couldn't take much pictures of the event.
One of my highest points of the event was Titi Sonuga's perfomance. That was my first time hearing of her but I became a believer instantly.
She performed one of her poems "Speaking into the void" that I loved so much.

Here's a snippet of the poem and the parts I loved the most :
I may know nothing at all
but I know that laughter is the gateway to forgiveness
that I laugh a lot

I know how bridges are built and how they are burnt

I know some roads lead to nowhere and nowhere is still a place

I know that we are all searching
and sometimes what we are looking for is not what we were looking for

it is okay to want new things
I believe in second chances
but I know how the same lesson
can disguise itself as a new beginning
so I believe in letting go

I think that God must be a multitasking woman
because my mother can cook 3 different meals at the same time
feeding people is how she expresses her love
I eat too much
peel her kindness clean off the bone

I know that there are many kinds of hunger

I know how an empty heart can feel like an empty belly

I know that sometimes what we cannot speak
is exactly what we are trying to say
pain can be so sharp that it cuts out your tongue

I know how women cover their wounds
until they fester and rot

I know how the smell of it can crowd a room

I know that my foot size is the exact distance from my wrist to my elbow
our bodies are mathematical equations
but we are still searching for the right answers

my heart is the size of a fist
and love often feels like throwing punches

I know how our bodies make silent contracts

how a kiss becomes a handcuff

I know the prisons we build to protect our hearts

I know that home isn’t always where the heart is
sometimes we make homes of the memories we refuse to forget
the bad habits we cannot seem to break
but I believe in starting over as many times as it takes
until you can lay you head to rest
in a place where even your scars
are a masterpiece
where your happiness is a seed
that is watered until bloated
where your whole being is a garden in full bloom
You can read the full piece on her site

Meanwhile, guysss. I think I have a problem.
I suck at socializing!
You know how some people just easily flow with their environment and people they just met?
I'm not one of those people so if you meet me outside and I seem a bit snubish. Nah Nah, at all.
You can't imagine that the sole reason I had for going to the event was to network and guess who didn't do any networking?
Yup! I don't know what to call this one again. If I'm just shy or socially awkward *sigh*
Also didn't take as much outfit pictures as I would have loved to so I'm definitely re-rocking that outfit for the blog ^_^

How did your weekend go?!
Happy new Month guys!!
Christmasssssssss and my Birthdayyyyy! 
Not really excited though. (Old age and stuff)

Cassandra Ikegbune

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