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Outfit || Blue-Green II

Saturday, 28 June 2014
I finally decided to put this up when not too long after my sister accused me of always looking for the imperfections in my pictures, my friend said the same thing too. This evaluation of theirs was brought about by me mentioning how I look a bit jaundiced and disheveled in these pictures. I think they misunderstood remarks but I can see where they are coming from, I always have a word or two to say about most of the pictures i take but thats coming from me being aware and comfortable enough with my physical imperfections to be able to joke about it. You see the angle I'm coming from? No? 
So yes this might be me trying to show them that I'm not as obsessed with perfection as they think or not. I was going to put it up either way .
This is yet another typical school outfit. My sister looked at me one morning and had to say "not everyday vintage skirt and top sometimes corporate pants or something else". lol. I'm trying to change that a bit, i got so much inspiration from the outfits in my last shoot that i went out and got myself some high waisted corporate pants and more pencil skirts. ^_^. My hair is doing its own thing here, i'm thinking of fixing something curly so that i can at least look like a bit "girly". Lol
I'm going to leave complaining about school and the shitload of work i've been dealing with lately out of this post.
I've used the title of this post before here but mahn thinking of titles got to be the hardest part of putting together a post after looking for a photographer.

Cassandra Ikegbune

Model Diary || Style Mania Magazine

Sunday, 22 June 2014
Hey Guys!
Remember when i mentioned in this post that i had a shoot and i wasn't allowed to take pictures because they didn't want anyone to see it before the release date even though i repeatedly assured them that i wasnt going to put up any picture?
So finallyyyyy, the magazine is out and though i haven't gotten all my pictures and its looking like a long thing. I decided to make do with the little i have for this post ( Am i resourceful or what?). So please forgive some of the low quality pictures and collages.
It was a shoot for Style mania magazine's "power issue" and I got to play model for their style tips section on "hierarchy dressing" (dressing in the working environment for the different staff levels).
These are some behind the scene pictures that i made into a collage. The jumper in the first picture is so pretty and comfy.
I got these second set of pictures from the magazine. The hairstylist is amazing!! I've worked with him in different shows and I'm always awed by what he can do with any hair! Like the bob hair was so nice that i ended up carrying it for close to three weeks after the shoot even though its synthetic hair. lol
And finally some of the final pictures that i've gotten. I didn't arrange them in the proper order though. To see the remaining looks and in their
right order, just go and get the current mania magazine. :D
That blue skirt was seriously speaking to me!! Ah! Oh and notice the subtle changes in my hair? Yes!

Stylist : Fruitition Image
Photographer : Ifeanyi Ochukenyi
Make up : Dorcas Otobo & Oge Okafor
Hair Stylist : Zubby Eneoma

In other non modelling related news, tomorrow is monday *sobs*. Back to my tiring school routine.
I hope you all had a great weekend?! 

Cassandra Ikegbune

The Post About Nothing And Somethings.

Thursday, 19 June 2014
This is not an outfit post
Not quite. But while I'm at it, it wouldn't hurt to share a picture of my ootd right? So there you have it. In this "not quite an outfit post" , I'm wearing this red midi skirt from this post and chez jumelle vintage earrings from my lust list that I'm trying my best to get noticed. Hence the awkward "looking for something i lost on the ground" pose. Can you tell its a school outfit? I kind of like this one, made me feel a bit serious and skinny. Believe it or not, i tend to think i'm fat at times but no! I'm not anorexic. 
What is this post about? Trust me i'm getting to that. Or maybe not. Who knows? Im not quite sure myself. I'm beginning to sound like that dude "Afam" from the rambling mad man blog and i'm not sure if that's a good thing or not.

Okay I'll be honest, the main reason for this post is to apologize for my erratic presence on the blog. Life and internet hasn't been good to me, mostly internet though. I hope to be back and better soon. My twitter (@cassie_daves) and instagram (@cassiedaves) are quite active though, just putting that out there. ;)
It actually felt good writing randomly like I did up there, just goes to show that its never a bad idea to loosen up a bit sometimes.
Ya feel me?

Cassandra Ikegbune

DIY Love Notes Envelope

Friday, 13 June 2014
My first ever DIY stuff on the blog just had to be a non fashion stuff. Haha. My first attempt at doing the DIY ripped denim left me with a deficit of one denim pant in my closet. Needless to say I'm never trying it again. No, thanks!
I already talked about my inspiration for this Love note card DIY in my last post and I was really happy with the positive feedback I got. I was a teeny weeny bit scared that it might come off as "childish" (for lack of a better word) but I'm a firm believer in the little things matter and a hand written note can never get old for me.
What You Need :
1. Cardboard 
2. Glue
4. Ruler
5. Pencil
You have to decide how small/big you want it to be. I used the back of a book to draw out mine and it had a length of 21cm and width of 14cm. After that, you cut it out.
 You"ll end up with something like this
Now you also have to figure out how you'll like to fold it. You actually don't need to write it down like i did. I just wanted to show you the measurements i used so that both parts can be
Pretty self explanatory right? You just cut out the sides at the top
Cut the top part into a triangle
Fold it at the sides and the middle too and apply glue to the sides

Fold it over and allow to dry
 And Voila!!
Now all that's left is to write a note and put it into this and you can leave it where you know they can find it. :)
Please let me know if you're going to try this
Have a lovely weekend guys!

Cassandra Ikegbune

Five Things I'm Loving Lately

Sunday, 8 June 2014
Picture source : mealsandmovesblog
Inspired by stylevitae five things this week and an insane urge to put up a post, I've decided to do a "five things i'm loving lately" post (i might even make it a regular every sunday).

1. Harem Pants : I pulled out my abandoned black harem pants recently after I saw yagazie emezi in hers and I was immediately reminded of the comfort of the harem pants. Safe to say I've been wearing it a lot these past few weeks and can't wait to share some of the looks with you, in fact I'm wearing it right now as I type this. Lol
Yagazie Emezi
2. DIY Love Notes Card : Ignore the name it can
be used for any type of informal note. I made that during my convalescing period as i couldnt   get out to buy cards for the bae who was travelling for 2weeks and i wanted to give him two weeks worth of hand written notes to open for each day he was away. I've used it to leave notes for my sister too and its just fun for me. Lol . Let me know if you'll like a full tutorial of this. 

3. Order To Lagos : I hardly shop online with stores not based in Nigeria because i've heard too many bad stories about misplaced orders and what not that i don't even want to risk it at all and it sucks because asos has so many nice  and affordable shoes that i wouldn't mind having in my closet so when i heard about order to lagos recently, i was like aha! Maybe this would be my saving grace. They help you buy anything you'd like from any online store in the US and deliver to your doorstep. You can find out more info on ""
4. Neutrogena oil free facial wash & St. Ives daily hydrating body lotion : You remember how i was going on about how my face has been taken over by acne in this post?! Well, i finally decided to take some of yall's advice and build a skin care regime. All my life, i haven't used anything special on my face, not even body lotion so i was really sceptical about using anything on my face now. I waited for a while for the acne to go on its own but mba! My friend dami advised me to get the neutogena oil free cleanser and i've been using it for like a week now and i can already see improvements!! Haa! My face feels smoother and softer. I made my mum and sister touch my face (with clean hands of course) to feel the softness and i just couldnt stop going on about I bought the body lotion after i read a review on Ibukun's blog apparently its essential to moisturize after cleansing to replenish the moisture or something -_-. Slowly, i"ll work up the courage to get a facial scrub, mask and toner to build a complete skin care regime

5. Chocolate Royale's Chocolate cake : I'm not exactly sure if this cake has a special name but
i'm sure of what it does to my taste bud. The first time i got it from a friend on my birthday in december and i've had it two times again recently. It tastes soooo good but its increasing my waist line or is that just due to lack of exercise? *sigh* Chocolate royal makes real good chocolate cakes!

What things tickled your fancy this week
Cassandra Ikegbune

For Times When You Feel Lonely/Left Out

Friday, 6 June 2014
Its a dull friday evening, the type you are already accustomed to.
Some days you are fine with this slow paced tempo that is your life but other days like today when the rigors of medical school is threatening to drive you crazy, you wish you could have even just a little bit of that fast lane life, that you could be the type with friends who sit over dinner sharing hugs and laughs.
So you sit there on the new couch which would never quite be like your childhood couch, that one with the lace trimmings. You sit there awaiting the arrival of the rest of your family, and you think about your slow paced life.
Of how you never have friends invite you out for drinks and the random craziness that people your age are having.
Of how it seems the people you know, know each other and have somehow found a way to push you out of their growing circle
Of how you may just be deluding yourself into believing you actually have friends.
This amongst other thoughts start to color your mood a dark shade of grey.  But in that moment, I hope you remember that its okay to feel this way sometimes, like the world is closing in on you and no one can see it.
I hope you remember to be kind to yourself, to let go of things that weigh you down. Things in which you have no control over because soon you'll come to realise that not a thing matters.
Not the people you thought couldn't live without you then did just that, not the friends you thought would always have your back but somehow got trapped in their own lives, not any of that.
Take a deep breath, listen to that song that puts you in the right mood, pick a book, call your sister/ that person that can get you going.
You'll be fine once you stop stressing the little things.
You'll be fine honey.

Cassandra Ikegbune

Cassie Daves x Tracie Lee || Double Dose

Monday, 2 June 2014
Wondering about the post title?
I named it that because my friend Tracy featured in today's post and with us its double everything. Not so much double the fun because we are both dead ass girls (i know she'll say i should speak for myself alone. lol ) but of course double dose of style. I have lots of stylish friends and its just so interesting how we all have our distinct styles.
Tracy is my roll dawg, we met way back during our modelling hussle and ever since we've been there for each other through the highs and lows of modelling. She and i are alike in so many ways from our conservative lifestyle to our physical features (both tall,slim and light skinned) but when it comes to our style the difference is clear. While I'm more tomboyish, tracy is all girly girl and what not although once in a while she forays into the androgyny territory (the other day my girl legit wore sneakers out and I'm like whatttt! Nice! ) but it can never be hardcore. Lol.
We are both suckers for vintage clothing though!
Funny how in my last post, i said i was thankful
for health and barely a day after i came diwn with typhoid. I'm way better now and still thankful. I didn't think i was going to be able to make my fittings on saturday due to my ill health but after a call from the designer Tracy and I dragged ourselves up and basically had to rush out. The fact that we didnt have much time to sort through our clothes had a lot in determining our outfit choice that day.
This outfit has become a sort of uniform for me
lately. Lol. My "oh i don't know what to wear right now and i'm going to a new place where nobody has seen me in this outfit" uniform.
Yes! i plead guilty to being a repeat offender :(
So when i had to rush out of my house that hot saturday, guess which outfit made the cut?
Its not only easy to throw on but the comfort is out of this world.
Like i said earlier, our outfit choice was determined mostly by the fact that we were in a hurry. According to Tracy, she was looking for something simple she could just wear and head out. The hat was because she didn't have
time to comb her hair properly and she used
that particular bag because it was matchy-matchy with the hat.
I have my eyes on that hat though! Now i know a red hat is also an essential. Really pretty.
What do you guys think?
Happy new month guys! Congrats on getting through half of the year

Cassandra Ikegbune

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