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Three Ways To Wear : Polka Dot Pleat Skirt (Take Three)

Thursday, 24 April 2014
This is my awkward laugh
I look a bit different in these pictures, a bit more awkward than normal. Methinks its the hair or nah?, now i see why the mister has been stylishly pleading with me to do something with it. Ever since i cut my hair, I've been a bit more lax with it.
Anyways, today isn't for discussing my unkempt hair. Seems like I've been on this "three ways to wear a polka dot pleat skirt" series for too long, so i finally decided to shoot the last look and call it a day. For the third look, i went with my Jack Daniels muscle tee (which i wasn't sure how practical wearing it was seeing as i wore this to church) and heeled brogues. I know this might sound funny but i actually chose the cross earrings with the mind that it will cancel out whatever offense i was committing by wearing a Jack Daniels tee to church. lol. I was already about to give up on finding a photographer when i found someone to help and he did a tidy job for a first timer.Thank You!

I just noticed how i stuck to black and white for all three looks. I've never really been a "colourful" person but i guess it would have been a bit more fun to have spiced it up with colors. I'm thinking pink? I'll give that a try when next i wear this skirt.
 Which look is your favourite?

I know its long gone but i hope you all had a happy easter!

Cassandra Ikegbune

Lust List || Chez Jumelle

Friday, 18 April 2014
You know how sometimes you find something good  and you are literally bursting to let the whole world know about that thing because it gives you so much joy and makes you feel so good? That's how I feel about my bae and this online vintage accessories store, Chez Jumelle. Although some things are meant to remain low key no matter how good they are (e.g relationships), Chez Jumelle isn't one of those things.
What am i going on about?

Chez jumelle is an online vintage accessories store and they stock everything from earrings to brooches, sunglasses, neck pieces, and scarfs. All vintage!
I must confess, the main thing that tickles my fancy are their earrings! You may have noticed that I'm not really into accessories but I take my earring game seriously and over the years i've transitioned from the "big dangle/loop earrings" loving girl to finding delight in even the smallest button earring. Before they contacted me, i knew i just had to blog about them so it was actually a double delight. I decided to put together a lust list! (Seriously, I'm lusting on almost all their earrings)
I'm not exactly a brooch person but I wouldn't mind this pretty little thing, if only for the sake of owning it and I've been lusting after these beaded round sunglasses ever since they made an appearance last year.
I'm really about this Chez jumelle life!

You can check them out on
Twitter: @chez_jumelle
Instagram: @Chez Jumelle
Facebook: Chezjumellevintage

Oh and its their (chez jumelle is owned by twin sisters ) birthday today! Happy Birthday Guys!

Cassandra Ikegbune

 *This is a sponsored post but all opinions are entirely mine

Three Ways To Wear : Polka Dot Pleat Skirt (Take Two)

Wednesday, 16 April 2014
Just yesterday i was going through my outfit posts from last year and I actually felt a little amazed. A bit like "wow, is that really me in all these quirky outfits?". I feel a whole lot different from that person right now. Somedays, i wake up and I'm wondering when my style got this boring. 2013 was a defining year for me in terms of my personal style. I got to experiment a bit more and hone down on what works for me and give my style a "label". Now I feel like my days are filled with pleated/pencil skirts and denim pants. I'm trying hard not to blame it on school but who am i kidding? that takes about eighty percent of the blame and the remaining twenty percent might just come from me. I'm steady reserving outfits for special occasions (my definition of special occasions = somewhere where i wouldn't feel like i wasted my outfit and this includes little things like just hanging out with my friend tracy and other fashion minded people). I should really learn to live in the moment.
But then again, i might just be beating myself up for nothing. I just might still have this fashion thing in me. I just might still gat it you know? i find that over thinking things tend to stifle creativity.
I really really should learn to take a chill pill and just live in the moment *sigh*
I'm sorry this took too long but this is my second way to wear a polka dot pleat skirt post. You can check out the first way here. This time around, I decided to go the mixed prints route so I paired my polka dot skirt with this monochrome striped crop top. My initial plan was to wear this to church with black court shoes but i ended up wearing this to school and of course i had to wear flats.
I really hate the quality of these pictures, its downplaying the outfit. My camera is going bonkers, I almost decided against putting these up but I know I owe y'all a certain level of consistency plus this post is actually way overdue.

Oh and thank you so much guys for the comments on my last post. You all are the best really, your comments were all so helpful and i've decided to increase my water intake, eat a little bit healthier and try not to worry my little head so much. (Guys!! I was going to try the one week fruits and water only diet but i gave up on the morning of the first day. I suck!! How do you people that do it, do it?!!)

Cassandra Ikegbune

Acne. Not The Denim Line.

Friday, 11 April 2014
I've been battling with these tiny rash like things on my face (acne?) for close to two months now.
Its quite unusual seeing as I've always had perfect clear skin. No exaggerations. I've had people come up to me to ask what my skin care routine was only to be disappointed when I mention that I have none. Yes, not even body cream. Strange? I just never got into the habit of it
Although sometimes when I read other bloggers skin care routine, i get a bit tempted to go get an exfoliator and spf moisturizer but somehow i never go through with it.
Look where that has got me now huh? I honestly for the life of me can't point out what exactly could be causing this "adult acne". Allergy? i haven't used anything new. Stress? I've had a lot of that recently but still my weekends are quite chilled. Makeup? i don't use foundation and all that.
I tried to adopt the "chill for it to clear" method but I don't see no changes and its beginning to bother me, I must confess.
I'm so scared of using just any product on my face so I've tried steaming my face and i started using shea butter recently.
I know these pictures don't make it seem like i have anything to complain about but if you look a little bit closely, you'll be able to make out the tiny rashes everywhere. I have them on my chest too and honestly i'm not sure which is more disconcerting.
Okay okay, it really isn't too bad as compared to some others i see everyday but its disturbing nonetheless and the fact that its taking forever to regress. haa
I read about tea tree oil on thatigbochick's blog and it sounded quite convincing plus I'm all for natural skin care products. Anyone know anything about that or where i can get it? or any other idea you think might help? Please share below!

Cassandra Ikegbune
P.S - I know i promised you my outfit post from the mente de moda event but have you ever just looked at pictures you were happy about with a bit more scrutiny and realized that they all stink? that's my story guys but I'm definitely going to re-wear the outfit and take better pictures.

Street Style || Mente De Moda

Monday, 7 April 2014
On Sunday i attended the Mente de Moda event. Its a bi-monthly fashion and art exhibition/mini market event. That was my first time of attending it although its been going on for a while, I actually went because my friend Fola of RetroReligion was showcasing her stuff and i also figured it will be a good environment to spot stylish people and network. I'm all for street style, so of course i was all over the place taking pictures of people till my camera decided to fail me and i had to leave.
Laila Rahman
This is my friend Tracy that i'm steady mentioning in some of posts, she accompanied me to the event. I put her through a lot of stress but then what are friends for?
Fola of Retro religion
Ian Audifferen
I took down names of all of them but i lost it. So unprofessional! I'm sorry guys, i wasn't just taking down your names for just asking sake. Forgive me.
If you ever thought vintage was going with the year 2013, think again. It was like everyone got a note to wear something retro, everywhere i looked i could easily spot someone in a vintage piece or a stand selling vintage pieces. It was too refreshing to see!! I also wore a vintage piece to the event but you'll get to see that in my next post so please stick around :D
The last picture is my personal favorite! Her name is Aisha and i think she's pretty dope. Just look at that shirt!! It was virtually impossible to ignore it. Guysss! You see why i'm team anything vintage?

In other news, my camera is quarter to give up the ghost which sucks major. This is me apologizing in advance for any poor picture quality.

Here's to hoping the rest of your week goes on hitch free

Cassandra Ikegbune

What's In My Bag

Friday, 4 April 2014
I'm one of those people who find a fashion accessory they like and never let it go. Its not exactly a good thing because most often than not, i end up wrecking it from the continuous use. This Liz Claiborne tote bag that got passed down to me from the mum has become my every day bag and its still ever so sturdy. I've never really been a big fan of tote bags, I've always preferred cross body bags and satchels but of recent that has been changing. The contents of my bag stays pretty much the same everyday : Mostly school stuff and my camera whenever i take it out.
  1. Clinical Coat : Because clinical coat is an essential for every medical student.
  2. My Wallet : This is mostly for my money and I.D card and other random things like my flash drive
  3. Glasses : My second pair of eyes. This one is actually broken, it broke sometime last week but i still carry it around that way and squint all day. Getting a new pair is always so much stress
  4. Textbooks : Because its essential to read on the go as a medical student.
  5. Hand Sanitizer : This is very important seeing as i school in a hospital but for some reason i never actually use it. I should start using it more often
  6. Portable Power Pack : For charging my phones because nothing sucks more than having to carry around a dead phone all day ( I might be a little addicted to my phone). My phone charger is actually missing from this picture
  7. Lipsticks : My Red and purple lipstick has a permanent spot in my bag for times when i need to make a quick dash somewhere or meet up with someone and i don't want to look too plain
  8. Black eyepencil : The same reason as the lipsticks. (Penciling my eyes and using a lipstick is the only form of make up i do)
  9. My Phone : If there's nothing in my bag, my phone has to be in it and of course my wallet
  10. Notebook : For my jottings
What are the essentials in your handbag? 

Cassandra Ikegbune
This Post was inspired by Inmysundaybest

Outfit || Floral Casual + Sunshine Blog Award

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Been a minute
You know how life just happens sometimes? Yeah, that's what has been happening to me. "Life".
My life right now has been filled with trying to balance the demands of school and other projects i have lined up for this blog and for myself. It has been a bit overwhelming but I'm learning to organize my time by writing down everything i have to do and allocating time for each of them. You'll be surprised how much easier things get when you not only try to organize yourself mentally but also write everything down and try to create a sort of visual.
  This is a really late post! Sucks that i haven't been able to create new content but I'm working on changing that. I've had this in my drafts since mid last year but somehow it never made it on the blog (Actually, i felt i looked awkward in all the pictures so i didn't put it up -_- ).
I'm not exactly sure what informed my outfit choice that day but something tells me it might have had something to do with running late to school and not planning the day before what to wear (that's something i should also change) but the good part was back then i could dress down and didn't have to be all corporate everyday. Apparently, i decided to go with the normal fail safe "casual uniform" of a fitted blazer, tee, denim pants and flats but in this case I'm wearing a floral vintage blazer.
I love florals especially retro-style floral dresses! I don't have that much floral pieces in my wardrobe. Yet another thing that sucks major.
These days, i find it hard figuring out what to type in my outfit posts.Do you guys have that problrmtoo or is it just me?

Soooo, I got nominated for two blog awards "The Sunshine and Shine On Award" by two different bloggers : Chari D and Ugo Ukam, i feel so honoured guys. Thank you!
There are rules to the awards but basically i have to link to who nominated me and list 10 facts about myself and also nominate other bloggers i admire.

Facts About Me
I know I've uploaded some of these pictures before but i still have more where they came from and i just couldn't let it waste x_x
  • I'm a Food Monster : I don't eat regularly and at the appropriate times but when its something i really like. Hay God! The size of food I'll eat will shock you. My dad says its not "lady like" but miss me with that please. Of course i comport myself well in public in case you just decided against inviting me to that party, fear not.
  • I'm a sucker for Love : Did i hear someone just say "that's pretty obvious"? lol. I had someone once ask me if its only love things i write about. I'm sorry, not sorry. I won't stop writing about love. No Uh. But really, if you don't read my blog, you'll never think I'm that type because of the way i talk and the fact that i have difficulties in expressing emotions
  • I'm a hermit : Okay, maybe a "pseudo-hermit" if there's anything like that. I mean I'm always complaining about how i don't go out much to chill and have fun but when the opportunity pops up, i pass it on for the comfort of my bed and sleep clothes.
  • I sometimes refer to myself in the third person : e.g Cassie Daves is wondering why y'all aren't liking her Facebook page. why oh whyyyy? :(
  • I have this thing for people with a good diction : No, I'm not talking about having an "I just return" accent here now. You know how you hear some people talk and you just want to keep listening to them forever even if its a topic you aren't so enthusiastic about? Yes! That! I think its so sexy. Is it too late to work on mine? :(
  • If you dress really good, chances are that i will stare. If Cassie Daves stares at you, you are doing something right....or not. I hardly stare at people openly though because i know how annoying it can be
  • I am super shy : I know i don't look it or act it some times but if you look a little closely, you might just catch my lips twitching (People have told me about the lip twitch thing, i didn't even know i did that). I've met some of you on the road and at different random places and if i ever seemed lost for a bit, trust me its not intentional. I'm working on it and please keep saying hi when you see me!^_^
  • I appreciate the fine things of life : Like a pretty girl with an hour glass figure. That don't mean I'm gay or bi or whatever. Like i said, i just appreciate the fine things of life.
  • I think the best thing that happened to flour is puff puff and pancakes
  • I don't really like cooking but when i decide to, oh la laaaa. O Ye doubting thomases, i see you.
Actually i'm meant to write 17 facts not 10 but "ko le re bodi"

Okay, i'm getting super tired now. its 11:40pm. So please if you will like to participate, please feel free to tag yourself.

Happy New Months Guys!!

Cassandra Ikegbune

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