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Outfit || LFDW Day 3 : Vested

Thursday, 31 October 2013
The other day someone accused me of being a "girly girl". Actually, almost everyone accuses me of being a girly girl. I don't know if they do that to annoy me because they know how I hate being reffered to as "girlish".
I can wear all the boyfriend jeans and loose fitting clothes in the world and somehow I still come off as a "girly girl".I don't know, do I just give off a girly vibe or? 

I sound like a lost case right now, I guess I should just accept that as a compliment and move on. 
Anyways I digress...
This outfit reminded me of the "accusations" because its one of my menswear inspired outfits a.k.a "androgyny"
This like my DAY TWO lagos fashion and design week outfit came to me in the middle of the night, it was an Eureka moment (Please don't ask why i'm thinking about outfits in the middle of the night, i'm not fashion obsessed i swear -_-) so i rushed to try it on and guess what? It Worked!!

See how plain my face is, #TeamNoMakeup Ayee!!
My Camera is acting like my handbag in these pictures.Lool. I just realized i was carrying it in almost all my pictures sha.

Typical me to leave the rant to the end but guyss I'm just tired! Finding a good and steady internet connection is just struggle coupled with the fact that I'm still "laptop-less". When I finally got internet and started this post, I was feeling unmotivated and was just going to put up pictures and make a brief statement at the end of it and call it a day but somehow I ended up writing that long story which no one asked me at the top right there
I guess the part of me that really loves blogging has refused to be brought down by this internet issue. 
So, Yurr guys don't let nothing kill your vibe. Find what you are passionate about and let it kill you keep at it regardless of obstacles and constraints. 
*cue Shontelle- Impossible song in the background*. Nahh the song doesn't reflect anything here, I just really like it. :D

Picture Credit : Chyder5

Cassandra Ikegbune

LFDW || Model / Street Style

Sunday, 27 October 2013
I tried to make use of my camera, you know take some quick Model and street style shots and for the most part they were quite obliging.  
Without too much long thing, zee Pictures!
Kwen Akomaye! Remember him from my STYLE STEAL post?. He doesnt look so happy in this picture but lets blame it on the sun and him having to squint and all. I love the All black with little pops of brown look and i love the bag, its my type of bag. Is that weird for a girl? Mehh. 
 Uju Nwobodoh. I have Mad Love and respect for this model. She's like my all time favourite and can do no wrong in my eyes. I love the whole laid back look, i'm a sneaker head so the white sneaks definitely won me over. Oh she also won the LFDW Model of the year award. Yaay

 Toyin Oyeneye! Another one of my favourite male models, my boothang! Look at that Face!! i love his vintage print shirt (as expected right?)

Makida Moka!! Look at her shoesss!! I'm not a big fan of the colour Pink but mahn her shoes got me for sure

 Kimmie Adams. I love his distressed jeans and sandals.

 Ian Audifferen. Yeah he actually was really on the phone when i took this picture, it wasnt part of the His Shirt was giving me so much life and his cap too! i'm definitely on the hunt for one of those

I loved her tee and chain . She was so nice and sweet to me, thats extra cool points for her.

 Mag, Tayo, Fola and Mide coker

 Kachy of

 Claudia, Angel, Damiete, Stephania

 I just had to take her picture! Look at the creativity in her get up! People like this just make me happy, i later found out she was one of the LFDW young designer finalist. 

Lagos Fashion and Design week has been all the buzz in Lagos of recent and now its finally over. I had an amazing time!! I'll still put up my outfit for Day 3 and 4 up pretty soon but in case you missed it, you can check out my Day 2 look HERE

Cassandra Ikegbune

Outfit || Lagos Fashion Design Week 2013 - Day 2

Saturday, 26 October 2013
Heyy Guys!!!
So its Fashion week in Lagos!!!! No, i'm not modelling but i sure wasn't gonna miss out on the event this year. Yup! I've been right in the middle of it all since Day 2 (Which was on Thursday) with my baby (my camera of course, what were you thinking?). I couldn't go for the first day cos i had lots on my plate that day

Unfortunately, i couldn't get great outfit pictures or even take pictures of other people because welll, i got there a bit late and it was dark and all. Guess who couldn't use her camera to take pictures in the dark? Me! I'm seriously covering my face in shame right now. x_x
Le Outfit!!
I honestly had no clue on what i was going to wear, it finally came to me at about 2 am in the morning of Day 2. lol! I just thought to myself, 'of course you want your outfit to make a statement, to be a reflection of who you are and all' and that was all it took for me to piece together this look. And welll, its fashion week! Let the creativity flow. :D
I wore my all time favorite vintage print shirt and this mini pleat skirt that's been accumulating dust in my closet. Paired it simple gold chain, spiked gold belt, black heeled brogues and my Versace bag i got from The Retrospective Shop Giveaway. (You can see that HERE

I went with my friend Amanda but met up with my niggas 'Fola, Tayo and Mag'. Calling them my niggas might be 'famzing' but then Cassie Daves doesnt Famz. hehe
Fola and I. She's also a blogger (
Fola and Tayo. Of course, you remember Tayo right?
Mag, Fola, Tayo and i
lool. I dont know what i was saying in this picture o.
My highlight of Day 2 was when Designer Mai Atafo showcased his collection. Omgoshh, but then Mai never dissapoints tho. What was i expecting? I also loved House of form and Functions, Tae and Rebahia's collection. Amazing pieces!!
You can check them out (and other runway pictures) at

Oh, I've also been walking around with this press tag on my neck feeling all fly and what-not (Big shout out to styljunki. Thank you

I'm typing this right now and its Day 4 already, i'm definitely looking forward to tonight's show. Finale and all, i'm sure it will be even more exciting!
I got wayyyyy better outfit pictures of my Day 3( yesterday) look and i can't wait to share it with you guys and also to share my outfit for today! I'll be rocking a piece from from Designer Chechi Arinze's collection!!

Cassandra Ikegbune

Outfit || Native Sway

Monday, 21 October 2013
Heyy guys!!

This is actually a late outfit post! Remember my RED REBEL post where i talked about raiding my dad's closet and taking some of his Ankara clothes? Well, if you can't, you can actually check it out HERE again :D
Sooo, i finally wore the second Ankara top to school sometime back when i was still on my braids! Unfortunately my laptop spoilt and so most of my blog pictures were stuck there buttttttt Fortunately the repair guy was able to save the hard disk and i could get some of my pictures and files back, Thank God!! I was already thinking of the stress of retaking these pictures or not retaking it and losing some posts

Anywhooo, this time i decided to rock Le Dad's Ankara top with this turn up jeans (I honestly dont know what colour it is .Brown?) and my Brogues. Oh yes! I have lots of plans for the shoe, i plan to rock the life out of it. So help me God

Only God knows why im doing my face like that. uggh
Or like this too

I am one of those girls who actually carry a cross body bag as a cross body bag! or wait! everyone does that?. My dad says it makes me look like a "tout" but i really like carrying my bags that way :( :(

The day i wore this, one of my male classmates was like "Cassandra, why don't you ever wear tops that are actually your size?" .lool! I mean how do i explain to him how free and comfortable i feel wearing a loose fitting clothing? I doubt he'll be able to understand that level of freedom *sigh* 

Of course, you know i love to read your comments and feedbacks :D
And yes, i really couldn't think up a suitable title for this post :(

Cassandra Ikegbune

Little Miss Miss

Saturday, 19 October 2013
I went to this "amusement park like" place called dream land africana around Lekki/Ajah expressway recently with my dearest aunt and her kids (my little cousins). Please don't call me an "old mama youngie" like my friend tracy said :(, i just like having pure fun with the little ones and i've also been dying to get on a rollercoaster again. I finally did! yaayy me! ^_^ 

Anyways, this post isn't really about me. I'm featuring my little cousin today, she really surprised me with her choice of outfit that day. I mean she's just five and she's already picking out her clothes herself and developing her own style (never too early you know).
I guess what really made me happy was the fact that she didn't go for a pinkish girly girly outfit, she decided to wear turn up jeans with sneakers
Oh and her socks were also giving me life. Lavvvvv it

Lool. She was actually walking away in this picture when i captured it, makes it look like one badass gangster pose.

She becomes a real case when it comes to taking pictures, i'm sure i was worse than her when i was her age though cos i'm still a bit of a case now (>_<)
I had a fun day getting bumped and bumping people in the bumper car game and pretending to scream in the roller coaster(i aint scared of nathhhinngggg).  I have my disfigured eyeglasses (i'm now on the hunt for new frames for my spectacles *sighh*) and injured knee to show for it

I know i said this post wasn't about me but just a teeny weeny update :D. I had the first two parts of my psychiatry exam on thursday and friday and i have the last part on monday. Its going to be an oral presentation and i totally suck at that but all good and well.
Shout out to all those that wished me "good luck" on twitter, Thanks guys!

Don't you just love her socks?

I hope yall are having a chilled weekend

Cassandra Ikegbune

Poetry || Andrea Gibson II

Friday, 18 October 2013
I already talked about my love for poetry and especially poetry by Andrea gibson HERE . Her words move me in a way I find difficult to explain. I've been going through her tumblr and googling up some of her poems, she's simply amazing! I couldn't just pick one poem to put up here because I love almost all of them equally and they all speak to me so I decided to select some of my favorite parts from the different poems to share with you guys.

Doctor, our insanity is not that we see people who aren’t there. It’s that we ignore the ones who are.

You’d say, “This kind of love has to be a verb.” We are paint on a slick canvas – it’s gonna take a whole lot to stick but if we do, we’ll be a masterpiece.

- I DO

“What do you mean you’re small? Of course you’re small. We’re all small, but we are small like the moon is small in the sky and not a wave would ever find its way to shore without us

‘NO NO NO I am not fine’! Fine is the suckiest word, it never tells the truth and more than anything i have ever been afraid of I am terrified of lies

And every time you’re full of sorrow. Every time you wake up crying, Know that that day is a perfect day to shine

Every year you have more to lose, but you can choose to bury your past in the garden beside the tulips water it until it’s so alive it lets go and you belong to yourself again

Sometimes it takes the most wounded wings, the most broken things to notice how strong the breeze is, how precious the flight”

“ Forests may be gorgeous but there is nothing more alive than a tree that learns how to grow in a cemetery.”

You are not weak just because your heart feels so heavy.

We have to create; it is the only thing louder than destruction, it is the only chance the bars are gonna break.

So this morning, I decided how I want to live. What I want to give..What kind of song I want to sing. Now I’m no longer looking at my days like they’re a cup calling them half empty or half full when they’ve always been enough. They’ll always be enough to fill me up if I stop thinking so much and start drinking them up

Don’t google your name.  Ever.  Don’t “search” for yourself on anything that glows in the dark.
Don’t let your beauty be something anyone can turn off.
Don’t edit your ugly out of your bio. Let your light come from the fire.
Let your pain be the spark, but not the timber.
Remember, you didn’t come here to write your heart out. You came to write it in

I also included the links to the full poems incase you are interested in reading it , just click on the names of the poems
If you do check them out, please tell me your favourite parts too and which parts spoke to you the most! I'll really love to know

Cassandra Ikegbune

sunday best II T.I NATHAN x cassie daves

Sunday, 13 October 2013
Cause she a fashion killa, and I'm a trendy nigga
I said her pistol go (bang bang, boom boom, pow pow)
Asap's "Fashion Killa" has been in my head for the last couple of days(i didn't like it at first but i must admit its quite catchy), but that's not why I started with a line off the song. It just happens to describe this entire post very well.
My friend  Tayo is a trendy nigga and I'm the fashion killa. He-he. But for-real that's the way i felt today. I went to church with him and not to sound proud or narcissistic or anything, we sure got lots of stares. It could have been more because we were two gangly tall and skinny individuals (he's 6ft4 and I'm 6'1 plus i was wearing heels) than because of our "dressing" but i'm free to believe what i want to right? :D

I really didn't plan on taking outfit pictures today because my outfit was one of my "oh, just throw it on and get going already" outfit but somehow i ended up taking pictures. Same skirt worn HERE

Oh yeah, Tayo is the same dude in my RED REBEL post. He's my trendy nigga ^_^ and He also has his own design label called "T.I NATHAN" check it out guys. :*
I am totally and completely in love with his shoes!!! too Fab!.
Church was good, my weekend has also been good and although i have my psychiatry exams next week , im actually eager to get into the new week ^_^

Hope yall also had a good weekend?

Cassandra Ikegbune

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