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The girl with the golden swan bike

Thursday, 28 March 2013
Thank you guys for all your comments on my last post. Y'all have been really helpful and although i'm still a bit undecided as i've already gotten too used to this my present blog, i'll just keep blogging on here in the meantime till i get my wordpress all sorted out. (who knows, i might end up being here for a long time before the switch)

Anyways, i've been doing alot of running around for the past few days. Sometimes, i wish i could just sit back and just be a student alone without all the added stressors/extracurricular but i know thats not possible if i'm looking to achieve anything else apart from my MBBS. lol. well,its not exactly that way but you know. i actually want to live a little and not just go to school everyday, depending wholly on my parent, graduate, work, marry etc etc bla bla

Today was particularly tiring, i did alot of walking around and i'm pretty sure i have lost a few pounds. Thankfully the sun was nowhere to be found so it was all still bearable.

I just threw on a simple tee and my black pants but to not look so plain i added my fedora hat. 
I actually wore flats but decided to take the pictures with my heels as they were already in my bag.

haha. Do you see where i got my post title from?  yup! from my tee :D and i found the picture online ^_^
Its a print of an original illustration from the "missed connections project" by Sophie Blackall. i dont exactly understand what thats about but i love it on my tee :D
                                                                                                                    Lots of Love

The Name-Change Dilemma

Monday, 25 March 2013

Hey guys,

So, my indecisive nature sets in once more. This is a part of me i hate and really need to work on seeing as i'll have to make decisions for myself for the rest of my life.

While creating this blog, i was faced with having to pick my "blog address" (of course) and i was still in my "emeli sande's - beneath your beautiful" music phase somehow it just felt right so i went with it and it stuck.
Although, i actually thought it through but i'm having a rethink at the moment.
I'm trying to decide if to continue with my present blog address "" or use ""

Cassie-Daves is a short form for my name and people have already affilliated themselves with that name.
Its also my twitter name "@cassie_daves" , my bbm name, lookbook name, tumblr name ""
My blog is pretty much still new so i can as well make the changes now. I'll also be moving to my own self hosted wordpress site soon so i  have to get this blog address thing settled. or

I'll really love to hear what you guys think.

                                                                                                       Cassandra Ikegbune

Another day, Another Pleated skirt.

Sunday, 24 March 2013
 So, i woke up extra early today and was already in school by 8am ( The church bus picks us up from there). Had to help a friend take pictures of some of his stuffs with my camera and i ended up not even helping (side eye). i was just useless till 9.30am when the bus arrived.
It was a good service, Its always a good time in the house of the Lord.
I actually put together my outfit in my head while on my bed this morning although the turban style was inspired by Annie of FashionOfAminor . I got nice comments on it too. :D

lol. i really didn't know what to title this post,i just went with what came to my head.
Seminars again in school tomorrow and i haven't done my part. uggh,I really should hit the books now

View the double denim look here
                                                                          Cassandra Ikegbune

Beanie Girl

Friday, 22 March 2013
Listening to Home by chris daughtry as i type this and i'm in my happy place. God bless the day i got introduced to softrock. Daughtry, the script, nickelback and co constantly keep me sane and help me sleep at night.

I normally dont think of what to wear to school till the morning of the day, thats why i always end up leaving my room in a mess.
On wednesday, i saw this beautiful tee hanging out of my sister's closet and i knew i had to obtain it. I concluded almost immediately that pairing it with my black pants will not be a bad idea. My hair is a total mess and this beanie hat came to my rescue.
Ended up looking like a or like my classmates said ''a raggae girl" haha

My little sister took these pictures, she actually did good but i need to step up the quality of my pictures.

Playlist just shuffled to Chris Daughtry - life after you . Good music!.

                                                                                                                 Cassandra Ikegbune

Oh, what it'll feel like to be free

Wednesday, 20 March 2013
I'm constantly conjuring up outfits in my head. Everyday. At all times. While walking on the road, watching tv, and especially while surfing the net. Steady looking for style inspirations.
In my mind I put together these amazing looks and In my little notebook I jot them down, storing them for some time in the future when the odds are in my favour. 

You see. I live in a house where your outfit is well scrutinized before you leave, minimal skin must be shown.
In a neighbourhood where people constantly poke their noses into eachothers business,judging.
I school in an environment where a particular standard is required of us (have to look like future doctors) and where most people aren't so fashion inclined.
I'm from a country where the heat level has already wiped out any dreams of experimenting. You want to keep it simple least you have a heat stroke
     Inhibitions from all angles.from everycorner.

Seeing as I have no car yet, I do a lot of walking 
I want to wear my croptops out on the street with no fear whatsoever of being labelled. I want to wear my knee high socks . 
I want to be able to wear my hightops with my favourite denim shorts out of my house, out on the street
I want to tie a turban,experiment with scarves. I want to the baggy jeans.
I want sturdy boots, I want to see what I can do with my socks and a short gown 
I want to be surrounded by people who appreciate and understand how much fun fashion is so I don't feel dressing up is a waste of time and outfit. 
I want to be able to fund all these things -__- 
I don't want to have to keep storing clothes waiting for an event or a social gathering. 

I guess all I'm saying is I want to be free to express myself and explore the depth of my creativity. To go through all phases and finally find my style.

Contrary to the opinions of most, i don't have a closet full of clothes and shoes. Although i dream of the day i'll wake up to that beautiful sight, when i'll be able to afford all items of clothing i want but right now, I'm just a fashion lover doing what I can with what I have.

These are some looks i'll love to try which i can't because of all my constraints


All photos via

Saturday Best -Dashiki

Sunday, 17 March 2013
This is quite a late night post, i was going to do this earlier but my internet was messing up and i cant sleep now so hey, why not.
Church today was awesome and for someone like me who has never truly understood the concept of people crying and rolling on the floor during a sermon, i found that my eyes were a little moist. Thats how touched i was.
I couldn't get good pictures of my outfit today, i somehow found faults with every picture i took today so i decided to just forget that and do a post on what i wore yesterday instead .
My saturday was all forms of stressful, although with a little glam because i had another fitting with a designer (being in beautiful clothes even if i"ll still have to take it off always makes me happy).
Finally decided to wear my dashiki, i got it sometime last year and its just been lying around in my wardrobe.

         Thats me at the back(the picture) too :D

 I've been feeling so stressed a lot lately, feels like i have a lot to do (balancing med school and fashion seriously beginning to take its toll on me) . I need a lot of motivation at this point i've thought of quitting but i know thats not going to happen soon, i haven't achieved what i set out to yet so i'll just have to keep pushing on and hope that soon it will all be worth it.

Presentations at school tomorrow. Dear Monday, please be good to me .

                                                                                                     Cassandra Ikegbune

School Style - Nnenna Ogbuagu

Friday, 15 March 2013
I absolutely love seeing people who dress real nice. I'm not exactly a starer but you'll definitely catch me stealing glances at them, sometimes i get inspiration from other people's everyday style.
Seeing as i spend most of my week in the confines of Luth(my school), i decided to start a segment where i'll post on students in my school "school style"

Starting this segment is Nnenna Ogbuagu, a 20year old 500level medical student who believes looking good as they say is good business. She loves a good laugh. books,music, movies and in her own words "a little bit of fashion" .

I took these pictures on one of the "field-trip" monday, I like the colour combination. i think mustard and red looks Delicious together.
                               I love her bag

                        I also love the bow detail on her top

     Close up of Le bow

What do you guys think?

                                                                                                                  Cassandra Ikegbune

Photoshoot Diary

Thursday, 14 March 2013
I've had this in my draft since forever. lol. it seems like forever to me.
I had the opportunity to work with one of Nigeria's fast rising photographers "Paul Ukonu" sometime in January It was basically a test shoot i.e a photo-shoot for the mutual benefit of both the photographer and the model the photographer gets new photographs, experience and the opportunity to test out any new ideas or equipment they have. the models likewise gets fresh photos to update their portfolio as well as valuable experience in front of the camera.

Sometimes, i have a little pre shoot jitters but the environment was so friendly and i loved the fact that he worked with music, i was already feeling all relaxed and comfortable. The makeup artist "Eragbae " was amazing as well and he did a really nice job.
I had my friend take a video of  behind the scene but somehow it got deleted off her phone *side eye*so i just made a little amateur video with some of the pictures she took of me with picasa.
please ignore the strap sticking out at my back //_\\
i'm totally in love with "the script", and especially this particular song so i decided to use it ;)


I've seen some of my pictures and i really love them. now, i just need to make out time to go and get the rest.

                                                     One of the pictures, i love it. :D

To see some of his amazing works, please click on
and facebook page


All Heeled Up

Tuesday, 12 March 2013
Remember when i was going on about how the designers didn't show up for the fittings? well, they did on saturday and this is what i wore to my fitting.
I had to wear something really easy to put on and get out of as well because i'll have a lot of outfits to try on. so, jeans was definitely a no-no. i wore my tube gown again. Its so easy to get out of and because i could'nt just leave my house in a short tube gown all exposed  i paired it with my red DIY crop top.
While awaiting their arrival, i called one of the models and we went out to have a fun shoot. :D
As you might have noticed, i hardly wear heels because welll i'm 6ft1 but its a fitting and i had to bring my heels along so i decided to wear them. Looking like an amazon and all. #TeamTallgirlssssss . hehe

Having a boooorinngggg day in school atm :'(
how's your day going?
                                                                                                                Cassandra Ikegbune

OOTD/Field Trip

Monday, 11 March 2013
Heyyyy guysss
So, regardless of the fact that i woke up with a terrible tummy ache, i somehow managed to make it to school and on time. Today was another field trip day and we went to a children development center at surulere, a place for children with special needs and developmental disabilities. got to interact with the kids and also engage in some of their activities The experience just taught me to be really thankful because no matter how bad i may have it, some people have it worse.

Welll, forces beyond my control already restricted my outfit choice so i had to either wear black or red.

 The sun is soooo terrrribleeee, im now so darkkkk. :(. I need a good sunscreen/toning cream. any advise?

Good newsss, i finally have my internet back,  now i can clear out my drafts. ^_^

Casual Chic

Friday, 8 March 2013
 Hello people,
Thank God its friday!! Like! i feel so tireeeed. I need a good long sleep.
Today was just toooo tiring, I had a fitting and after all the numerous threats and calls from the people to ensure the models arrive on time, i got there and not one single designer showed up! imagine! SMH! Although, they were quite apologetic i think its just too bad.

This is what i wore a couple of days ago to school.
Nowadays, my shirts are almost always tucked into my pants. I just love the look!

My supervisor gave me her bag to carry to make sure i dont escape, like i was even planning to.

 I feel like i've been gone a long time and it's just been like what? 3days? *sigh*
 I'm having internet issues now but i hope to be back on reall soon.

Thanks to my classmate for taking the pictures. Thank you Femi!

Again TGIF!!! *jumps on bed*

                                                                                                           Cassandra Ikegbune

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