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OOTD/ Retrospective shop win

Thursday, 31 January 2013
A woman has to live her life, or live to repent not having lived it.” ― D.H. Lawrence

Today was one of those rare chill days. Its pretty rare to have a free school day, i had no lectures at all. Finally decided to go pick up the bag i won from the retrospective shop  'be my bag' competition sometime lastweek, had to put together a look to go with the bag to win it.
The Look that got me the bag


Gianni Versace!!!!!!!  :D
 I lovee my new bag,  Thank youu Retrospective :*.
I was pratically drooling at the retrospective place, soooo much gorgeous vintage stuffs. its like vintage heaven. Magawddd.
You can check them out at either their V.I store - shop8, prime shopping complex, 24 muri okunola street, opp eti-osa LGa, V.I, Lagos  or their surulere store - 2 Aderibigbe street, ikate, surulere, alhaji masha.

Hooked up with my girls too. I'm a sucker for vintage clothings, i got this vintage gown off some lady that sells clothes in my hostel. it was love at first sight
my hand beads, i wear them almost all the
Pamela Chris. I have stylish friends :D
pretty good day. Hope your's was as fab?

                                                                                          Cassandra Ikegbune

Another School Day.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013
Deadlines are the biggest motivation.
I just heard my project supervisor decided that the deadline for submission will be tomorrow. I got on my laptop to try to get some work done and that was when i realized i have absolutely no idea on how to go about it, like i was just brain blocked and stuck. My first reaction was panic (im not so good in tight corners) i tried contacting some of my classmates to put me through but this is OYO period, everyone's also running around to complete theirs (aint nobody gat time for ) and then i actually just took a deep breath and told myself to calm down and just say a little prayer and ask for direction.
Presently trying to complete the chapter two and three of my Project, and ive made some amazing progress. God is ever faithful, trust me.. :D
also with some help from Dr Eche 

Anyways, i decided to take some pictures of what i wore to school today. First came the search for a willing photographer, after that was achieved then the search for a good location. Didnt get any :( so i took what i found. lol

I decided to look formal today, like a medical student .lol

Poloclub Weekend / First Post

Monday, 21 January 2013
I finally get around to doing this, creating a blog i mean. procastination is the thief of time trust me.
So i spent most part of my weekend at the polo club ikoyi. They just had the first part of their polo tournament and they had a mini fashion show as a side attraction  for the l'espace brand and grey. i got to model for the show so i had to be there both on saturday and sunday.( l'espace showcased on saturday, grey on sunday).
SATURDAY; I got there early, and of course started looking for a location to take pictures ( ever since i got my camera, ive been really vain). lol
well, i found one
 The l'espace stand

I didnt get to take pictures backstage or of the outfits :( . no time

 i had to go to church first.
 exchanged my red church skirt for this black one.. I ofcourse found another location for my picture at the polo club

 one of the models, thelma okpara with the owner of grey.
Also couldnt take any backstage picture of myself :(. it was a pretty quick show
Im here hoping i did good for a first

         Cassandra Ikegbune

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