Tall girl problems!! Life as a 6ft 1 girl

I dunno why this topic came up today. No actually I do and it has a lot to do with the fact that I’m tired of random people walking up to me to ask if I play basketball and then go on to lecture me on how I should try it out. Happened this evening again and it inspired me to do a post on some of the problems(10 to be precise)I face being an amazon woman. Hehe

1. Taller than every guy. 

Me when i meet a hot guy thats shorter than me 

And I put this one at the top of my list because its the most annoying!E.g when a friend says she wants to introduce you to someone
Normal height girl: Is he cute/rich ? Me: is he tall? 😐  I mean I want someone who can lift me up *did I hear someone say goodluck with that?* and who I don’t have to worry about being taller than when I wear heels . 

2.  Speaking of Heels!: 


The other day some dude was telling me cassie you shouldn’t wear heels or even if you do maybe tiny ones. He was so lucky I’m practicing anger control and it was over bbm. I was all ready to tell him to mind his own business and I will wear sky scrapers on my feet and its nobodys business. If he feels insecure he should get on a ladder.

3. Not finding shoes in my size :

The curse of the big feet. All the cute shoes are in smaller size. Whyyyyyy????

4. Bed too short: Yup! I’m that girl with her legs sticking out at the end of the bed

5. Having to always reduce my steps when walking with people with shorter legs. No, I’m not walking too fast, I just have longer strides and a faster pace.

6: Obstructing People: 

Nothing pisses me off more than wen my classmates say “cassandra go to the back, let the short ones come forward. Oh?? Who said you should be short? I’m sorry I can’t cut myself, Change your seat. No I’m not mean all the time but the way they say it like the front is their birth right for being short. Swerve please

7. Sitting all scrunched up in a car because my legs are too long for the tiny space. 🙁 

8. Taller than the mirror ; Always having to bend to see my outfit in full.

9.Always noticeable! ; This can be a good thing but not always. Sometimes i just want to walk in unnoticed e.g I can never sneak into class or ward rounds late! They allwwaayysyssss notice me!Always! and because of that I’m an easy target

10. Is your best food beans?  Arggh. I’m real tired of this one. I actually have this new found love for beans but guys chillllll! Beans didn’t make me tall .I happen to have tall parents

That said, I just want to put this out that I honestly love my height. I love the attention I get when I walk into a room, I love my long legs, and i especially love being a model thanks to my height and figure

Fellow tall girls, anything you want to get off your chest. please feel free to use the comment box 😀 you are 5’8- 9. Please you are not allowed to seat at the tall girls table. We talking 6ft and above here you know? 
Jokes! My comment box is for everyone , i love all yall equally 😉

P.S – You’re only as tall as your heart will let you be and only as small as you make yourself seem.”

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Author: Cassie Daves

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    • I totally agree with 100% i was mocked for being to tall it made me depressed and have anxiety. I hate when a hot guys shorter than me it makes so annoyed I am 6ft and a half and I've always wanted to be in the modelling industry like you are but i didnt want to cause i was afraid if i was too tall or not or if I'm not as skinny as the other models! I want to be a model but then again i don't want to lose my figure please help?

  • So I'm 5"4 and I sometimes get annoyed. Like when I'm at the back and I can't see anything in front. Lol…everyone has something that people will complain about: "you frown too much, smile a little", "you talk loudly, keep it down" and blah blah blah. Its what makes life annoyingly interesting. Btw, Cassie..I've always wanted to be taller…see how life is! :p

  • I totally agree to all of this,But the truth is…I love the attention I get,I feel tall girls are walking goddess/hanger,no hating lol.It just feels right when you walking the runway,when you easily noticed,love it! But when I was much younger my friends use to think I am their senior just because I was the tallest lolllll

  • Lool mine would be short girl problems..i totally can't stand when people call me smallie, or when they rub my head and say "oh my you're so short" or you can't be a model cus you're short but i've learnt to deal with all that and i've learned to Love my height. I guess its just all about Loving yourself first!..xo

  • Lmao!
    Funny post!
    I think you av 'gingered' me to do a short geh post (me n my very humble 5ft 2" self). You havve no idea the miseries we short gehs encounter(story of my life).
    No wori, just watch this space…..

  • Cassie ur amaizing, ur tall ur beautiful ur intelligent ur bold nd that's what makes you awesome, I love your post. Shout out to all the tall pretty ladies*wink*

  • Looooool pele but 5ft9 girls suffer too but not as much as 6ft's ….
    Carrying you is about strength not height though

    Visit my blog musingsofahappymortal.wordpress.com

  • I hav always wished I was taller! *sigh* I always hav 2 remind peeps dat I am older dan my younger broda just cos he is taller. *crying*. So Cassie if u cud share d height I won't mind o! Lol

  • Loved reading this and so happy that you embrace your tallness. I mean it's not like you could instantly chop off a few centimeters to please some random dude… like come on I'm tiny and I love my height (although I sometimes happen to have those "those myself for being so small" days).

  • I totally relate to this post…I am a 6ft1inch tall goddess and my greatest problem is getting shoes my size! All cute shoes are small! Like wharrehell! Cassie uve got to link me up with whoever sells u ur size! Asides the shoes ish.. am totally looking forward to being the treasurer of the NATG.. Nigerian Association of Tall Girls..Agbani is our president..lol

    • Lol! Jst browsing through to see if ppl still hav big size shoe issues. I wear a size 13(44)… Getting my size was almost impossible, then ild go to ikeja, walk up and down- no show, go to balogun, no show..if I'm lucky, I may find one ugly shoe to just manage…and I will wear it till it gets bad before buying another one..lol. Nne gone are the days now I buy my shoes from prinziah big feet…at least the shoes are quite affordable no stress again oo. Now nobody can tell me I have many shoes because the hunger for shoes is unquenchable. Lol

  • Lol @ this post, i can relate to some of this "problems" though i'm 5ft10 but my major problem is full length trousers..i hardly find trousers/jeans my full length, i used to have shoe problems too till i discovered that Uk sizes ran a bit bigger than Us and Eu sizes, i wear Us 10/11,Uk 8, Eu 41/42..i dunno if its just me tho but Uk sizes always fit me perfectly.

  • Hahaha! Just read 'Just Posh'. this is truly hilarious! isn't it amazing how it seems every single human has got something about themselves that they worry about. Love this post :).


  • Haha! Just read 'Just Posh'. isn't it truly amazing how every single being has got something about themselves that they are sometimes insecure about. Love this post.

  • Wow! Seeing yur pics alone i wld av neva guessed u'r 6'1!! I completely relate to this post, cuz am 6'2 nd counting,, yh, cuz pple say i aint gonna stop growing till am 23 (am 21 now) all though i fast nd pray everyday and hope dey'r wrong.lol. D most annoying 4 me too has 2 b d fact dt am taller dan most guys, am currently dating a shorter guy, talk abt hw embarrassed i get wen we'r in public nd pple are staring, i jus automatically assume dey'r lookin cuz of d height difference, *sigh* i dont even dare wear heels, i tell masef, "aint nobody tryna climb me 2 heaven", nd yeah, random guys walk up 2 me on d way jus 2 "measure height" nd see if am taller dan dey are Arrrghhh!!!, so irritiating! Its rili frustrating. I admire d fact dt u'v embraced ur height,i havent yet, but i hope i wld someday. love dis blog

    • I knowwww! I keep thinking "these pictures don't reflect my height at allll"! I guess its the way the pictures are taken Lool! I'm also praying I don't get any taller! I'm perfectly fine like this. That thing can be annoying I knr! Random people coming to measure height with you.

    • I'm a 6"2 And I wear size uk10 and us 13 shoes. Very hard to find my shoes. Even flats. I love my height tho cos I get a lot of attention from guys and girls. Cassandra where do u get your shoes

  • oh if i had your kinda problem..buh alas,i'm a 'smallie',i get every kinda name including 'pocket friendly'*yea right*…but lemme add that i sometimes get the chance to hit the runway cos of my walk.so i totally love my height

  • Cassie, you just preached the gospel truth abt we tall girls but I think its worse when a girl is tall and wears a uk size 18 everybody calls her a giant and all sorts of name and even when I try losing weight the butts and hips gets bigger, I just hope I can sleep and wake up looking all shrinked to 5'8

  • So I'm 6"2 and my bf is 5"11 and I still wear heels when im out with him…my bestfriend is 5"4 n we both still rock our heels when out together(thanks to me she's a faster walker now *wink*)..I've gotten used to the stares I get from head to toe n I actually feel blessed.i feel absolutely comfy with my height and body…. Tall girls are frigging awesome..

  • Looooooool…i can relate with you,am 6'2 n i ave been d tallest gal in my class since i was a child,another issue we ave is finding jeans our 'lenght' n i totally totally hate d basketball comment and d beans comment…Nice post..xoxo

  • Random people walk up to me and ask if I'm trying to touch heaven when I wear heels and I'm like y'all should swerve, my height, my shoes..and the do you play basketball question, can't injure myself o, the pants issue too..I curl up in bed, longer than my bed, I used to laugh like crazy when that first happened- always have been the tallest girl in my class..I'm just 5"10 o but I can still relate- I love my height and my long legs like cray <3

  • I actually saw this post on another blog n I was like WOW…itz funny another blogger copied ur post n changed 'Cassie' to 'zinny' but funny enuf she 4got 2 change d 'ward rounds' to probably 'prison visits' coz she is a law student n I caught her dia…hehehehe.

  • Saw the link in a tweet and all I can say is thanks for this post! I'm 6"1 and still not comfortable wearing heels unfortunately…. But Ghanaians are so short what else can I do?Lol…. I just feel so uncomfortable… any tips for me?

    • Lol! Sisteh, all I can say is just wear them and "don't send anyone". Trust me when you carry yourself confidently, people will look at you in awe. See kimora lee , steady on that heels steez. Lol I know she's a celebrity but think of yourself like that too and just block out everyone. Works for me but then again I like the attention so "yah whatever".

  • Randomly came across your blog. This is a really nice post. Some of your points got me reeling: "Nothing pisses me off more than wen my classmates say "cassandra go to the back, let the short ones come forward. Oh?? Who said you should be short? I'm sorry I can't cut myself, Change your seat.", "Is your best food beans?" And they assume just like that. Lol.

    • Ok, so I was googling "Nigerian girls" (don't judge me) and I cam across a blog, life through the eyes of a nigerian girl, or something sha, and there was this post about african parents, and you were the only 'liker', so I clicked your gravatar to view your profile (ok that wasn't so random) and voila! It led me to a fashion blog (what?). I decided to close the tab, then I saw the tall girl problem post and curiosity got the better of me. You try wella.

  • Lmao. Nice post.came across this in portia's blog. These are 100% true! Am 6ft2 too,and its actually not been easy growing up as a "super tall skinny" girl. Most times it jus gets me depressed when I go shopping for clothes and shoes especially "full length" trousers and dresses! I wld go round the whole market and still end up with one or two. and yes people keep making silly comments like "lucy plz don't stand close to me" or "why are u not modelling?" or "u shd go b a basketballer". Its all so exhausting. At a point I even resorted to wearing just flats and ballet-shoes…av come to accept my height anyway,and I mostly love d attention it gives me! Thank God am skinny and beautiful,I probably wld hv died of depression lol.

  • LOL "is beans your best food?" I happen to be faced with the multiples questions of 'why didn't you eat beans??! you're so small' (>_<) I didn't beg to be 5' 1.5" ! (as comfortable as it is!)
    I'm a new follower! 🙂 I think you carry your height so gracefully! I really like your blog as well! 🙂 x


  • Lmaooooo…………. This post made me laugh my head off. I'm very well known for my laughter but I really have to apologise to my roommates for waking them up with it no thanks to you. Gawd!!! I haff died *rolling off the bed* Bleeeeeeehd *in Kevin Hart's voice* oh girl! Where the hell did you get those images? Jexox!!! I'm in love with you and it's seriously NO HOMO!! I'm a 5'8 with little stress and I'm tired of people asking why everyone in my house is a size 8 and I'm a 12. Annoying shiiiii!!! Excuse me! I tried to exercise but coldstone and dominoes wouldn't just let me be… I'm out


  • Lol@gbemi. I face d same p too. Am proud of my figure tho. Thts d one fing I had to bring myself to being,or I wuda been brot to tears by every"lose some weight" talk I get. @cassie,dis is a fab post. Its never a dull moment on here. Speaking of tall girl issues. Am a 5"11. *pheew*thts quite tall(at least for my size). Most big girls are short. Anyways,I face problem number six too. Its soo frigging annoying. Have to literaly sink in my chair to let othrs view the board or c d lecturer's face. U look fab cassie. Love ur height n figure.a friend of mine saw ur pic n said "wow..she has to be a model". Am like yeah she is. Thts a comeback for ur problem number one. If u aint playing Bball,ure modelling. So ur height isn't wasting. Haters can go and drink poison. Lol. *am out*

  • hey Cassie! am 6'2 and i relate to everything you say. am glad i have someone out there who understands my predicament. especially when most of my friends are quite small and the guys i like are shorter than i am. i am a medical student too and i'd like to go into modelling. any advice???

  • My bestfriend is 6ft + and she has the same issues, I think she just fell in love with you though, she told me, and I quote "Andrea I just found my new role model" and if she loves you, I love you. Just want to thank you for being a blogger. <3

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  • Ahhhh I died when I read this post loool. As a fellow leggy lady I stand at 5ft 10 and sometimes people make me feel like a giant. Not to mention the fact that I have the habit of making friends with the smallest people on the planet so I just feel like some BFG! I can totally related to loads of these points but my biggest erk has to be when you first meet a man and his first question is how tall are you? Like come on…do you ask a fat woman how fat are you? No. Do you ask a short woman how short are you?
    Anyway that's the end of my mini rant but great post girl

  • Can 100% relate
    Can I ask…this might be stupid…but does anyone else feel embarassed to exercise like at a gym or something because of how tall we are? Idk why but I just feel due to my height and lankiness I look like I prob need to eat a cheeseburger and not b at the gym…even tho I dnt stop eating!! I really want to do weights to build some thing on my limbs but yea ibget this terrible insecure feeling…anyone else feel that?

    • I really don't know how tall you are…buh I can relate
      I'm 5ft 11inches above the ground…visiting the gym should be the least yu should worry bout …i visit the gym house,although itz bn a while now. … I wunt mind visiting one with you on my free day if yu Base in lag nd if itz not coming in too late. Cheers!

  • O.M.G! Am so glad I found this post,thank you so much cassie…Am 5ft9 and I feel you honestly especially seeing a cute guy and just wish his tall enough*lol* another problem I have is the heels issh,I don't have a heel shoes but with this post this 2015 am gonna rock some and swerve to anyone who doesn't like it

  • hey, i stand tall at 6ft 2, am in a relationship with a man just under 6ft and still wear high heels everyday. i mostly hate when people tell me im tall, as if i didnt no. if i ever tell a person they r short they get all offended and stuff.

  • Hi I'm like 6ft and I'm the tallest out of my sisters who are also tall and I'm taller than my mom who is like 5'7, and honestly i love my height and the attention that i get from it as I happen to be shy at times, my height makes me feel more confident. Yea there are many cons about being tall, some of which i find really annoying like the comments that people will say about my height, but overall i just live knowing that God made me beautiful and I should carry myself as a beautiful tall queen.

  • Oh mi gosh… Im taller than most girls not as tall as you though. And I totally feel you on the not fiinding my shoe size part urrgghhh. And the agony of squeezing my legs in a car..dismounting from a mini-bus. Dresses that are tops on me but cute dresses on friends, when I just want the dress as a dress *sigh* Thanks for touching base with the taller ones 🙂

  • Ok I'm 5'11 and I on the big side and it intimidate a lot of guy huge boobs and ass plus I'm tall.it really a downer but I can't cut my legs to be short nah.and the worse part is my sisters are not as tall as I am. It really makes me feel different.

  • You're such a good writer, I mean, that's not a 6ft issue but everything about how you conveyed your feelings here is just applaudable. You really have beautiful legs, a beautiful figure, a beautiful face and the first thing that came to mind when I saw that first photo was OMG! with the googly eyes but like someone said(I can't find her name), there's always something people would complain about -including we ourselves. That closing line was just it. I've also learned that how we accept, love and feel comfortable with ourselves is first (and best important). Hey, watch Joe Solomon's "standing tall" on youtube if you can, pleeease 🙂

  • Just saw this post from a friend's page on FB and decided to read the PROBLEMS of a tall girl.
    Well, it's a nice post and I don't see being tall as a problem sometimes I wish I could add with 0.3. But as an average lady (Sorry, I don't and will never say I am short) of 5'5, I admire i.e. AD-MI-RE tall girls with passion that's why I rock heels to look tall *winks*.
    Secondly, I love modelling and will advice Nigerian or African designers, model directors, bookers and all those involve to try and promote PETITE MODELS on the RUNWAY.
    Thank you

  • Just saw this post on a friend's timelime and decided to read the PROBLEMS of a tall girl. Well, it's a nice post and I don't see being tall as a problem sometimes I wish I could add with 0.3. But as an average lady (Sorry, I don't and will never say I am short) of 5'5, I admire i.e. AD-MI-RE tall girls with passion that's why I rock heels to look tall *winks*.Secondly, I love modelling and will advice Nigerian or African designers, model directors, bookers and all those involve to try and promote PETITE MODELS on the RUNWAY.

    Thank you

  • Hahaha hey Cassie. Although I'm 5'9, I can totally relate to all the problems above. Especially number one, Lol every time my friends try to introduxe to a guy and I'm like is he tall? Also, having to bend slightly when hugging short people and when posing for pictures. But then come on, tall girls are awesome 💃

  • Short people get the opposite reaction. 'Don't you eat beans?' lol. Toying with the idea of writing a post on short girl problems too.

  • I really don't know how I got here, buh I did! Sighs! Everything up there is so "ME"
    I'm 5ft 11inches tall, not so sure have added.
    Like ppl can make yu deal with inferiority complex, nd m here missing out on heels,I have always wanted to own at least a pair buh den you tagged "Tallest" like it's being engraved somewhere around my head where it can be clearly seen.
    Have got mad passion for modeling nd fashion.i hope i'd get signed soon….Whl growing up it was like a trending song on everyone's lips.
    About sitting at the front in class, datz me, nd I v a thing for beans now, nt whl growing up…Got my height from my grandfather.
    Oh! About d bus thing….i dy get cramps wella on top dat mata.
    Nd unlike CASSIE I play basketball (promix to follow up all post frm henceforth, cuz we got a lot in common)
    Beautiful one dear, don't ever stop, you touch lives!

  • You know, for a while i thought that all my fellow giraffes migrated and left me behind or something, hahaha; glad to know im not the only one who is 6ft1…
    all your points were solid, and i totally agree with your heel problems…

    and honestly, i CANNOT see myself marrying a dude shorter than me, but we all dream right? b/c not every gurl gets to date an NBA player, or a goalie from the IFAF…

    but you have renewed my hope, and now i know that as i rock my heels, your gorgeous legs are backing me up! thx for this post!!!


  • I found you from Instagram. I did not even realize you were this tall.. but I just really love your posts. We need more endeared people like you in our generation.

    P.S : Tall girls problems can even stand Short girl problem, trust me.

  • As a 6ft 1 18 year old girl, I completely agree with everything you said. I'm still very insecure about my height since all the guys are taller than me and I also am a model but I still struggle with low self esteem. Any suggestions?

  • hi, I am 6ft and I9. And I just want to know when does the growth spurts stop. when I think I am done growing, another inch sneaks in. The only thing I dislike being tall is the busybodies “do you know you are tall” “you are so tall” And The attention, why do people love staring?? I am not the only tall girl in nigeria plss abeg look elsewhere

    • Hey Oge! It usually stops at about 20/21 and you’re almost there. I’m guessing you might end up at 6’1 or 6’2 eventually, which I don’t think is bad.
      Don’t pay them any heed jare, you know we Nigerians are busybodies and can’t ever mind their business