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Wednesday, 31 July 2013
Barely one week after my final exams for 500 Level, i'm back to the routine of lectures, lectures and lectures. I shouldn't even go into how i feel about resuming school so soon after exams. Bleh! 
I'm presently doing my secondary clinical postings and i'm starting with anesthesia (will be stuck there for 6 weeks). The  part that saddens me the most is that i'm back to the life of "skirts and flats". You know, the whole "medical student" dress code and all the restrictions. *sigh*
Its a lot harder for me to pick out what to wear when i'm restricted to a particular "dress code". You should see the way i leave my room every morning. lol

Basically a simple "school" outfit. Don't i just look all responsible and stuff? (not like i don't always look responsible tho *side eye*)

.......And so there comes a time when you have to leave things and people that don't benefit you anymore behind and just keep moving on. I know most times its easier to just stick/continue with something familiar than to seek out something unknown but now even more than ever I've realized that what they say is true "everyone that crosses our path serves a purpose". Some just aren't meant to be a permanent feature. 
       “Sometimes there are things in life that aren't meant to stay. Sometimes change may not be what we want. Sometimes change is what we need- Unknown.”

I pray God grants us the grace to realize when its time to walk away/Let go and also the strength to do it.

         "Sometimes God's blessings are not in what He gives, but in what he takes away. Stop Trying to pick up what God told you to put down" - Unknown
P.S- Notice how i'm in "Motion" in all my pictures? Do you see the correlation now? Yes? No? Okay -_-

Cassandra Ikegbune

Model Diary || Ebony Life Tv

Monday, 22 July 2013
Whoop!!! I had my final exam for 500level today!!!. Hellooooooooo, Final year (I speak with faith).
 I feel so happy! Yesterday, i almost worked myself into depression because somehow i just couldn't read and i was almost certain i'll get into the exam hall today and be blank. I was seriously nervous before i walked into that hall, the same kind of feeling i get just before i get on the runway (one would think i'll be used to the bright lights and crowd by now). I just had to keep on repeating my mantra for pre-runway nervousness to myself over and over again
"Lets go kill this shit, Lets go kill this shit"  
My exam was alright ,Thank God!
Anyways, enough of my rambling.
Sometime last month, i got to work for the Ebony Life runway. Ebony Life TV is Africa's first black multi-broadcast entertainment network on dstv( Channel 165) which was officially launched on June 30th 2013 by Mo Abudu.

I don't have much talk today, so i'll just let the pictures do the talking :) 
The Models
Rebahia fitting a model. At this point, can i just say how much love i have for Re-bahia. She is so chilled and her pieces are beautiful. I was seriously camping to wear one of her outfits! and i did! 
Natasha Yamala in Needle point
Needle Point
Thelma in Needle Point
And this is the only picture i'm in. smh . I wasn't even looking here. Still needle point
No! Needle point and re bahia weren't the only designers but it was only during their shows that i had a little free time to take pictures.
Just a picture of my babe and i on that day goofing around. Remember "Tracie-lee" from this Post? Yup! She's my sister in the game. ^_^

I'm going to have an extremely busy and stressful day tomorrow, i should probably try to rest now.

Thanks guys for all the wonderful feedback i've been receiving. <3
Cassandra Ikegbune

Lone Cookie

Sunday, 21 July 2013
They say no man is an island

They say we are all meant to co-exist
They say love is the core principle of life
They didn't say what happens when you've been completely burnt out
so thouroughly burnt out
That your only hope is to exist alone. 
Reclusive. Loner. Hermit.
Cos I mean that's surely against some unwritten law of the human race? Right? Right?

Outfit || Vintage Pink

Friday, 19 July 2013
I'm always going on about how i want to meet new people but when it comes right down to it, i find ways to shift and shift dates till I can no longer shift. I'm really shy and although I cover it all up nicely its still there. I just have this picture of an awkward scenario with me wishing to head back to the comfort of my room (is there anything like a bed potato? i just might be that)
On Wednesday, I finally decided to get my butt off the bed and meet up with someone for the first time and It was actually not bad at all. Pretty cool. 

Picking out what to wear wasn't a problem, partly due to the fact that I recently  re-arranged my closet and can now see all my clothes, and partly because I already knew the look I was going for - A little retro and little androgyny but still something comfortable.  Remember this pink vintage blazer? i was so reluctant to buy it because it was like three times my size but my friend kept on saying "just take it and do something to it later", i'm glad i listened to her! 

I've been carrying my natural hair around for like two weeks now. I feel so free but its getting a bit "un-presentable", hence the turban. The Turban also adds a retro feel to the whole outfit too. I should do something to my hair pretty soon though.

LOL. don't even ask what i was doing here. I can't explain it myself -Okay, i can. i was trying to dance azonto and etighi-- haha . The picture is so ridiculous it makes me laugh. 
  Finally finished "americanah" today and i have to get back to reality. Reality includes a practical exam on monday  I soooooo hate Reality!! *sigh*

.........because if you never take risks in life, you'll never see anything new.”  ― Blake Lewis

Cassandra Ikegbune


Outfit || The Harem Pant

Tuesday, 16 July 2013
Its 7 am and I've been up for the past two hours staring at my blank phone #No Love and reading up on SEO optimizations. This was not the plan at all, the plan was to sleep in late till probably 11 am but my body has other plans for me. Not plans of good, i tell ya.
I had this long ass exam yesterday and i'm not entirely sure my back and behind has recovered from the hours of sitting. uggggh. and don't even get me started on the exam itself, the community health department in my school just succeeded in stressing me for nothing. eezzallgoood sha

This is just a quick outfit post, i wore this sometime last 2 weeks for a quick run around in school ( getting documents signed and paying bills).
I've also had this harem pants forever, i think they are the most comfortable thing after my BOYFRIEND JEANS.  Noooo scratch that, they are more comfortable than the boyfriend jeans, i mean i sleep in my harem  >_<
You know, i'm all about comfort, so i paired it with this easy breezy tank. This is basically just a free and comfortable look
Ignore my travelling bag :( i carry them everywhere and although its one big ass ugly bag, i really love it.
Haha and yes! thats my short ass rat chop hair :(

In other news, i finally got my hand on a copy of chimamanda adichie's Americanah. whoop! I'm super excited to finally settle down and read her genius work. Yes, i know i'm pretty much a last carrier on this one but whatevs mahn its worth the wait. I'm going to have me a good time snuggling in bed today reading americanah.
I hope yall have a nice day too ^_^

''Oh and just a quick shalla to my niggas : 'Shaenk for being a wonderful reading partner and Saga!! for making me laugh with all those ridiculous exam dp's and of course for taking these pictures''
Cassandra Ikegbune

Open Book, Half Read

Saturday, 13 July 2013

I'm an Open book, only half read. 
They look but they cannot see
They see but they cannot understand 
How can a thing be so transparent yet so obscure? 
A walking Paradox 
Their inadequacies they refuse to accept So they conclude, Make up their own story and the book is closed.  
Like Yet another badly written class report  
Erroneous is to say the least  
Half Open book yet they don't get a thing. 

Just something I wrote this morning. 
Its how I feel sometimes, like no one truly gets me but I've come to realize that people will forever judge what they do not understand and its okay. 
No, its not okay. But what can one do? People will always have different opinions of you.
I also accept that sometimes i can be a bit unstable, but you don't know the demons I'm fighting. You don't know my journey. My story. And no its not an excuse for bad behavior. 

So for
This moment, I'm only grateful for those who know the real me and have come to understand, accept, and love me for who I am.  Thank you!

I'm just a soul whose intentions are good. Oh Lord please don't let me be misunderstood - The Animals 

Cassandra Ikegbune

Outfit || Red Rebel

Wednesday, 10 July 2013
Sometime last month, i raided my Dad's closet and left with 2 Ankara Up & Down (that's what i call it) and a crisp white shirt. I was so happy with my finds although my dad was giving me the "this my weird daughter look". haha .
Also, when i told my friend, he was like what will you do with them? . My reply? - Keep calm and Trust Cassie -Daves. hehehe

I pieced together how i was going to wear them in my head and was so happy when it came out right ( Don't you just hate planning awesome outfits in your head which turn out to be shit on you? blehh)

   And the look!
These pictures were taken at home before i left for school. Got to school and had another set of "picture-taking"
I also don't know why i was squeezing my face like that o

That's my friend Tayo, i have a Hate-Love relationship with him. He annoys me with how patient he is with me, imagine that? He helped take some of the pictures. So, this is me saying a quick shout out to him (cos he might cry if i don't) Thank you Tayo :*

That look was all so me! I have this weird obsession with male clothing. They are just too free and comfortable. I wrote a post on my love for androgyny here.
Although some of my classmates gave me the "odd-look", others loved it! But then again, i can't please everyone with my outfit choices. Can i?
The next time, i plan on wearing it belted at the waist with a leggings, and Heeled lace up boots (i hope i would'ave gotten one by then :(
Meanwhile, Borrowing from The Dad has never felt so good ^_^

Cassandra Ikegbune

Postcard From The Community

Tuesday, 9 July 2013
I'm always sharing all the "fun moments", Fashion shows and what-not but this post is a bit different. I'm sharing another aspect of my life - The medical student aspect.
Most of you already know that i am a medical student (i mean its written right there in my 
I attend college of medicine, university of Lagos (Nigeria), i'm in 500level and i just finished "a community health programme" ( writing the exam next week). Like the name depicts, part of the programme involves us going into the community and getting involved. Taking all the theory aspects we learned in class into the community and putting it to test.
So, we got shared into groups and headed out into different communities in Lagos. My group went to the shomolu Local government area and we had to do a community diagnosis. Basically conduct a survey of the Local government to identify their health needs/Problems and we did this by sharing specific questionnaires.
We also had to put together a health education for the people in the community and also organize a small "health post" : Routine check up for them

Here are just some pictures from the whole experience:

Random boy on the street
Some of my group members
And thats me 
At the health post on the final day
Registration point at the health post
Some of my group members giving a health talk to the community members
Still on health talk/education
Finally after the whole thing
That is the urban part (because Lagos is urban) of the community programme and then we headed to Ogun state for the rural part. I already wrote on that earlier and you can read it here
The arrival at Ogun state
Arrival still
The front of our Cafeteria. Haha thats shaenk right there
Iyare and Kenny preparing to go play football
In the community
Thats me and John. lool
I'm happy i'll be done with comm health real soon, its been an eyeopener on our really pathetic health system  and high level of illiteracy but its also been really tedious as well. Although at some point i started considering going into"community health" but for now i dunno. lets see how it goes

Cassandra Ikegbune

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