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Hey Guys,
Just a quick outfit post. I’m actually meant to be studying at the moment but my “half-Tv Laptop” is already crying “Low battery” (I read some of my school notes on my laptop) so i decided to just do a quick post before it goes off finally. *Sigh, I need a new Laptop*

I wore this some couple of weeks back to my fittings, was actually meant to go for a friend’s birthday party afterwards but the fittings lasted almost the whole day. i was so pissed!
Anyways, I got this vintage shirt a while back and i absolutely love it! I have mad love for all things Retro and oversized print/ vintage shirts just speak to me everytime!!!!
Went for a super comfortable look by pairing it with this boy-shorts( i dunno if that’s what its called but i sure know they aren’t exactly feminine.lol)

These are my ultimate favourite pair of shoes right now! So comfortable and the heels are low enough so i don’t make everyone look like a dwarf when i go out. I’m so quick to pull em out when i have to go for an audition?Rehearsal/Show. These are my cheat shoes. lol

Still on my Love for Print Shirts. THESE Print Shirts by Nigerian Male designer Ian Audifferen makes me soooooo giddyyyyy. I’m going to get myself one real soon! 

P.S – Are they really called boy shorts?
Whats your take on Print shirts? Do they also excite you?

Submitted to IFB Project #103

Cassandra Ikegbune

Author: Cassie Daves

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