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Model Diary || African Fire

Saturday, 29 June 2013
This is the second part to my Previous Post. Basically backstage ( not really backstage cos there was no backstage.) pictures from the show.
The event is a Charity event which takes place in different part of the world and this was the african version. Its called "African Fire" and they had a side Fashion showcase by Mai Atafo and i got to model for him again.

Like i mentioned in the Previous Post it was actually a chilled show cos the models were super fun especially the male models. Kelvin, Bolarin, Khalid, Kwen and Seun. These are models i love to do shows with because they always make the place lively and bubbly!

Oma, Tracy and Nazor
Mai Atafo and I. I look like a dude here. -__-
Kwen, Khalid and I
Kelvin and Seun

I couldn't take pictures of us all dressed up because there was no time between dressing up and getting on the runway.

Thank God, its weekend! Although, i have bookssss to read :(

Cassandra Ikegbune

Outfit || Sneak it in

Friday, 28 June 2013
Yesterday was a really good day! Not only did i laugh and laugh a lot, i also got to see all my goons! My goons are all models and yesterday we had a show together. It was such a wonderful surprise because i wasn't expecting to see "all" of them. All my favourite male models were also around for the show so it was all fun, jokes and laughs! Oh and lots and lots of picture taking! :D

I decided to try this skirt and sneakers thing and i really loved how it came out. Totally me!

Kwen (one of the male models) was my photographer and "shoot director yesterday". haha. He is sooo good. We went round looking for good locations and he was so on top of it all. I have quite a lot of pictures today and that's only because i loved almost all of them and couldn't drop one for the other :(

Wondering what that black thing i'm holding is? I don't know either. lol! 
Haha, this was when my friends came. I was so surprised and happy to see them
Nazor, Oma and I
Oma and Tracy
My mainest goon!!!! Tracy-Lee!!!!
LOL! This was all Kwen's idea!! I actually really love this picture. Dont i just look so badass? :D
And that's Kwen!
Who else loves my hairstyle? That's my signature hair for when i don't know what to do with my hair and i really love how i look with it.  I've also been thinking of finally cutting my hair to something "mohawkish" like that!!

This Post is actually in two parts. The second one is coming right up. Backstage (Kind of) pictures from the show yesterday.

Oh and i think the shorts in my previous post is actually called Bermuda shorts...

Cassandra Ikegbune.

Outfit || Vintage Shirt and Boy shorts

Wednesday, 26 June 2013
Hey Guys,
Just a quick outfit post. I'm actually meant to be studying at the moment but my "half-Tv Laptop" is already crying "Low battery" (I read some of my school notes on my laptop) so i decided to just do a quick post before it goes off finally. *Sigh, I need a new Laptop*

I wore this some couple of weeks back to my fittings, was actually meant to go for a friend's birthday party afterwards but the fittings lasted almost the whole day. i was so pissed!
Anyways, I got this vintage shirt a while back and i absolutely love it! I have mad love for all things Retro and oversized print/ vintage shirts just speak to me everytime!!!!
Went for a super comfortable look by pairing it with this boy-shorts( i dunno if that's what its called but i sure know they aren't exactly
These are my ultimate favourite pair of shoes right now! So comfortable and the heels are low enough so i don't make everyone look like a dwarf when i go out. I'm so quick to pull em out when i have to go for an audition?Rehearsal/Show. These are my cheat shoes. lol

Still on my Love for Print Shirts. THESE Print Shirts by Nigerian Male designer Ian Audifferen makes me soooooo giddyyyyy. I'm going to get myself one real soon! 

P.S - Are they really called boy shorts?
Whats your take on Print shirts? Do they also excite you?

Submitted to IFB Project #103

Cassandra Ikegbune

Model Diary || The Dream Wedding

Monday, 24 June 2013
Its been almost two weeks since the dream wedding show by Mai Atafo and I've been waiting for all the hype and buzz to die down before I do a post on it. You feel me? lol.
 Okay I'm lying, I just didn't have internet, left to me, I would have done a post the very next day. :( 

You are not going to see any actual runway pictures from the show because well i'm not "the press". This is basically from a models perspective, backstage pictures and all.

So, the night before the show we(models) got lodged and i sulked all night because my roommates (models) got me worked up but the next morning i was all gingered and back to my normal self. Got myself ready and headed to go fix hair
That's me in the middle and the first hairstyle that was made for me. Somehow, i always get stuck with this "high-bun" hairstyles. i don't understand but the designer didn't like it because it added extra inches to my height and i don't want to be taller than the brides you know. So, It had to go off!
Had "Brunch" after which we finally headed to the venue to get makeup done and get set for the show.
Make Up!
Final look!
It was a "celebrity" filled event as the celebrities were actually the models (brides and grooms). I didn't really take pictures of them backstage because i really do not know how to "famz". I'm usually just sitted in my own corner. lol but when Eku Edewor walked in, i totally fell in love #NoHomo.

I just had to go up to her and take a picture. She is too fabulous, I have a girl crush on her now! I fell in love with her style too. She breezed in looking all tomboy chic in turn up jeans, a shirt and brogues . Loved it!  She isn't what I expected to be honest. Totally down to earth!!  You Rock Eku!!
Eku Edewor and i
Oh Yes, i'm definitely putting up my pictures with lynnxxxxx ^_^ . I told y'all i'm always laughing . my unsexy laugh :(
Met her backstage and i also just had to take her picture, i loved her hair and her entire outfit!! 

Finally, it was time to get dressed! Show time! The whole madness started . The running back and forth changing into outfits and trying to be where you are meant to be when you are meant to be there. At this point i couldn't really take much pictures again. But these are the few i managed to take

We had a flat screen backstage so we could also watch the show between changing and running on stage.
My highlight had to be waje and praiz singing "stay with me". Omg! I just had this ridiculous smile on my face all through. It was so beautiful *tears up* :')
Oh and yes, I'm #TeamPraiz now. 
So many beautiful voices that night. Timi Dakolo, seyi shay,O C ukeje. Darn! Why don't I have a beautiful voice. God why? Why? :')
Oh and the final show where we all came out together and did a final dance. Haha. I was already too pumped and gingered that I actually danced in front of a crowd ! I hardly dance in public
All together it was an amazing, brilliant and well put together show. But then again its a Mai Atafo Show. He kills it everytime!

I'm so late on this post but i hope you enjoyed reading it? I spent quality time writing this  :|

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