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Outfit || Double Denim

Sunday, 28 April 2013
Ever since i discovered Shala Monroque , i just knew i had to recreate one of her looks. So when i saw this denim skirt, i knew i just had to get it .
This denim skirt was the missing puzzle to completing my shala monroque inspired look. The Skirt was actually longer than this but i had it cut and it was ready to be rocked
                       Shala Monroque :

This is my Double Denim look inspired by Shala Monroque. I kind of just decided on the brown accessories last minute but i think it worked. I wore this to church today

As always, i can never find a good location so this ugly wall will just have to do .

                                                                                 Cassandra Ikegbune

Style Star/Crush - Shala Monroque

I first discovered Shala when Adaku of Third world profashional did an outfit post inspired by her and she has now become a style muse to me. I absolutely adore her style and cant stop gushing over her (i am also thoroughly ashamed of the fact that im just knowing who this fab lady)

I just love Shala Monroque!!!!!!!!

For my own shala monroque inspired look Double Denim


                                                                                                             Cassandra Ikegbune

Greetings From Pakoto Village

Thursday, 25 April 2013

The first time I learnt of our(school) trip to a rural village in Ogun state, west of Nigeria, I wasn't particularly enthusiastic about the trip, neither did I look forward to the adventure. I was more concerned about the various opportunities I'll miss while away.
The day of the journey drew closer and frankly I was still indifferent about it. My classmates and I converged at the school car park and after loading our belongings into the bus, we were set for the journey. Various conversations ensued among us as we commenced our journey. About an hour, thirty minutes, we finally arrived at Ogun state.
The first view of Pakoto village was quite enthralling. The calm and serene environment was a sharp contrast from the bustling in Lagos. The air smelt so fresh and clean, devoid of the dark choking smoke that contaminated our air in Lagos. 
My first night at Pakoto was actually a good one. We found ways to entertain ourselves with a deck and microphone,soon, a mini karaoke was formed.  I was soon to discover that some of my classmates were characters, loosing it with the crazy dance moves they exhibted and entertained us with. Despite the power shortage (black out), I had a good sleep. The cool night breeze made up for it.
Morning came and the real work started. After hours of going up and down, sharing questionnaires and collecting data from the people in the community, I was beginning to seriously curse.  The next two days was akin to the first, except this time we visited a market and a school, did blood pressure checks, gave health talks, conducted a health post, gave immunizations e.t.c. The monotony was starting to get to me and I was seriously counting down to friday (depature). 
Today was a bit different tho. Omg you guys! The things I saw today, I'm just too amazed.  We went to a traditional birth place where I saw and heard some really strange things and a mountain top where mad people are treated.

Tonight is the last night and as it is custom, a party has to go down!! Presently, sitting round a bonfire and drinking palm wine(my first time).
After all is said and done, this trip wasn't so bad(minus the stress of going up and down). Bonded with some of my classmates I never thought I'll bond with, lost my temper a few times Although, I'm still really excited about heading back to lasgidi(Lagos) tomorrow. 
I should prolly put up some pictures from the whole stay here tomorrow.

                                                           Cassandra Ikegbune

Oh but dont you worry, I'll always come back

Saturday, 20 April 2013
Heyyyy Guyysssss,
Its been longgg. I apologise, ive been having internet struggles,I"ve missed blogging! *sigh*.
The past few weeks have also been really packed and hectic. From back to back tests to "community immersion".
community immersion is a part of my school programme where we go into the community, identify their health needs and basically put into use the skills and knowledge acquired in class in the community. Im done with the urban part and will be heading to ogun state tommorow for the rural part.

So on friday, i had fittings with a designer and after fitting i realized i wouldnt even be able to do the fashion show seeing as i'll still be at ogun state for my rural community immersion on the day of the show :( :( :(
I found a beautiful location at the designer's place and I decided to at least console myself by taking

This was actually not the outfit i planned to wear but had to improvise after searching everywhere for the top with no luck. I got this awesome chain print shirt from a friend and just paired it with my black pants and my flats.
haha. i didnt know what to title my post. the title is actually a line from K.T Oslin's - i'll always come back. Yeah, no matter how long i stay away, i'll always come back here :D   thanks for sticking with me :D

                                                                                                   Cassandra Ikegbune

And with a satchel, i can take over the world

Friday, 5 April 2013
 Slowly But Surely.

Behold, I will do a new thing ; now it shall spring forth; shall you not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert. - Isaiah 43:19

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 Cassandra Ikegbune

House of Nwocha Win || OOTD

Thursday, 4 April 2013

So, sometime last year i won this bag from the "House of Nwocha" giveaway on twitter and i finally picked it up yesterday. I'm really happy because they were quite patient with me and didnt give it out to someone else. Thank you!
To be honest, when i got it i was a bit confused on what i was going to pair it with. Today i had to make a quick dash to school to get some lecture notes. After dressing up i realized the bag would go quite well with my outfit and my camera could also fit into it so it was perfect.

My test went quite well yesterday, i'm having back to back tests next week and i already foresee a "book-filled weekend". I actually have quite a lot to cover, its scary.
It is well tho
Hope yall had a nice day?

*Back to the books*

                                                                                                                      Cassandra Ikegbune

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